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Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) Parts approved by FAA starting with letter v

At ASAP Aero Supplies, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we can help you find the new, used, and obsolete parts you need. We have a massive inventory of over six billion parts, and we stock top PMA components such as V.K. 101, V.K. 600-1, V.K.-UD-3, V00003-1, V00003-11 or V.K. 101, V.K. 600-1, V.K.-UD-3, V00003-1, V00003-11. We also have VK Aircraft Inc, Matsushita Avionics Systems Corp, Panasonic Avionics Corporation, TA Manufacturing, Circle Seal Controls Inc held parts which can also be easily found by their numbers, including PQ0140NM, PQ1453NM, PQ1168NM, PQ2138NE, PQ0432NE. We operate as an FAA AC 00-56B accredited and ISO 9001:2015 certified enterprise and are proud to be the only independent distributor with a no China sourcing policy. If you are interested in sourcing a part, do not hesitate to submit an RFQ today and a team member will be in contact with you within 15 minutes.

Part No Holder Name
V.K. 101 VK Aircraft Inc RFQ
V.K. 600-1 VK Aircraft Inc RFQ
V.K.-UD-3 VK Aircraft Inc RFQ
V00003-1 Matsushita Avionics RFQ
V00003-1 Panasonic Avionics C RFQ
V00003-11 Matsushita Avionics RFQ
V00003-11 Panasonic Avionics C RFQ
V00006-11 Panasonic Avionics C RFQ
V00006-13 Panasonic Avionics C RFQ
V00019-8 Panasonic Avionics C RFQ
V00032-1 Panasonic Avionics C RFQ
V0016BM12A02 TA Manufacturing RFQ
V0016BM16A02 TA Manufacturing RFQ
V0060J012C61 TA Manufacturing RFQ
V0060J016C62 TA Manufacturing RFQ
V1-4360-2 Circle Seal Controls RFQ
V1-4360-2 CIRCOR Aerospace, In RFQ
V1002-012C00 TA Manufacturing RFQ
V1002-016C00 TA Manufacturing RFQ
V102-1 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V1023-008C00 TA Manufacturing RFQ
V1023-016C00 TA Manufacturing RFQ
V1023-812C00 TA Manufacturing RFQ
V103-1 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V103-3 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V103-5 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V104-1 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V104-3 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V105-1 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V105-3 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V105-5 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V106-1 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V106-3 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V106-5 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V1063-012C03 TA Manufacturing RFQ
V107-1 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V107-3 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V107-5 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V107-7 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V108-1 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V109-1 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V110-1 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V111-1 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V11100 Zeftronics RFQ
V112-1 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V113-1 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V114-1 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V115-1 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V118-1 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V118-3 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V119-1 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V119-3 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V120-1 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V120-3 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V120-5 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V121-1 TMJ Products Inc RFQ
V1289 5-106ACD Aircraft Component D RFQ
V1289 5-683ACD Aircraft Component D RFQ
V13900-11 Valcor Engineering C RFQ
V1400J012A00 TA Manufacturing RFQ
V1400J016A00 TA Manufacturing RFQ
V14100-215 Valcor Engineering C RFQ
V14100-55 Valcor Engineering C RFQ
V14500-193 Valcor Engineering C RFQ
V14500-215 Valcor Engineering C RFQ
V14500-3700 Valcor Engineering C RFQ
V14500-44 Valcor Engineering C RFQ
V1510A Zeftronics RFQ
V19800-231 Valcor Engineering C RFQ
V19800-241 Valcor Engineering C RFQ
V2-4360-2 CIRCOR Aerospace, In RFQ
V2-4360-2 Circle Seal Controls RFQ
V210992 ONTIC Engineering & RFQ
V210992 Woodward Inc RFQ
V210D090BC Leach International, RFQ
V2500-14 Valcor Engineering C RFQ
V2500-15 Valcor Engineering C RFQ
V2500-16 Valcor Engineering C RFQ
V2500-17 Valcor Engineering C RFQ
V2500-29 Valcor Engineering C RFQ
V2500-A1, -A5 Valley-Todeco Inc RFQ
V25101 Zeftronics RFQ
V2510A Zeftronics RFQ
V2536007-551SD Seal Dynamics Inc RFQ
V25W171110-003 Galaxy Aerospace Co RFQ
V25W171110-005 Galaxy Aerospace Co RFQ
V25W781200-011 Galaxy Aerospace Co RFQ
V25W781200-013 Galaxy Aerospace Co RFQ
V25W781200-015 Galaxy Aerospace Co RFQ
V25W781200-017 Galaxy Aerospace Co RFQ
V2651-216C10 TA Manufacturing RFQ
V2651-301C10 TA Manufacturing RFQ
V26514-216COO TA Manufacturing RFQ
V2651D516C00 TA Manufacturing RFQ
V2651D516C0A TA Manufacturing RFQ
V2651D516COA TA Manufacturing RFQ
V2651J126A00 TA Manufacturing RFQ
V2651J154A00 TA Manufacturing RFQ
V27200-3632 Valcor Engineering C RFQ
V27200-630-12 Valcor Engineering C RFQ

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