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ASAP Aero Supplies has IDSC Holdings LLC parts in stock and ready to ship. IDSC Holdings LLC does business as Snap-On and is an American designer, manufacturer, and distributor of high-end tools and equipment for professional use in industries such as automotive, heavy duty, equipment, marine, aviation, and rail industries. The company, in its first iteration, was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1920 by Joseph Johnson and William Seidemann, originally manufacturing snap-on sockets, hence the name. The company grew markedly due in large part to the post WW2 sales boom, leading to significant growth of the staff and product line. Their products are sold solely by distributors and are not available in retail locations. The idea behind this method is that it saves time for customers and suppliers alike. Instead, franchisees visit customers at their office, warehouse, or other place of work with an inventory of parts ready for sale.

A premier supplier of IDSC Holdings LLC parts, ASAP Aero Supplies is a leader among distributors within the aerospace, civil aviation, and defense industries. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor and thus have their inventory and international supply chain network at our disposal. These resources allow us to track down in-demand and hard-to-find parts and deliver them to our customers at competitive prices with short lead times. ASAP Aero Supplies has an NSN Parts Catalog that is second to none, featuring countless types of new and obsolete parts. For all your aerospace and aviation needs, ASAP Aero Supplies is here to help. To see how we are revolutionizing the purchasing process, submit an RFQ today. Our team of dedicated account managers is standing by and will respond to your request in 15 minutes or less, 24/7-365.
CAGE Code : 55719, 50492

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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
445BZ-3RL 5210-00-058-0898 gage depth micromet Avl RFQ
FRS FU14B 5120-01-604-3459 socket socket wrenc Avl RFQ
D3F250F 5120-01-548-6266 wrench torque Avl RFQ
GXB2024 5120-01-437-1924 wrench box Avl RFQ
IM31PY 5130-01-335-1530 wrench impact pneum Avl RFQ
HB4HR 5110-01-524-6024 file hand Avl RFQ
AS955 5120-01-367-3301 wrench box Avl RFQ
B107.14 5120-01-355-1779 wrench torque Avl RFQ
313TWY 5120-01-429-3670 socket set socket w Avl RFQ
CM6200 5210-01-456-9061 caliper micrometer Avl RFQ
PWC22 5110-01-367-3827 stripper wire hand Avl RFQ
B107.14 TY1CLCST3 5120-01-355-1790 wrench torque Avl RFQ
B107.10 TY1CL2 5120-01-355-1903 handle socket wrenc Avl RFQ
A157-20 5120-01-190-0917 adapter bushing dri Avl RFQ
UDS156 5120-00-935-7351 screwdriver set fla Avl RFQ
MT1658 4940-01-318-0859 adapter test Avl RFQ
PDH180 5130-01-106-8385 socket socket wrenc Avl RFQ
FRS 1925BTCM 5120-01-604-5562 repair tool pneumat Avl RFQ
ATI420D421 5133-01-397-3080 cutter countersink Avl RFQ
AS4283 5120-01-378-6701 extension socket wr Avl RFQ
AS4283 TY1CL2STB 5120-01-335-0719 handle socket wrenc Avl RFQ
GAJ15A 5120-01-557-6963 wrench adjustable Avl RFQ
TW321 5120-01-335-0784 socket socket wrenc Avl RFQ
MT500 6625-01-316-6447 multimeter Avl RFQ
GF141 5120-01-437-1782 socket socket wrenc Avl RFQ
TE250 5120-01-037-4744 wrench torque Avl RFQ
RBM1415S 5120-01-151-3022 wrench ratchet Avl RFQ
AS4283 5120-01-335-1048 universal joint soc Avl RFQ
LDH722 5120-01-378-8221 socket socket wrenc Avl RFQ
SIM562 5130-01-299-0013 socket socket wrenc Avl RFQ
XWS-2149 5120-00-889-1693 handle socket wrenc Avl RFQ
B107.5M TY1CL2 5120-01-348-9179 socket socket wrenc Avl RFQ
FRS A272B 5120-01-604-5682 clip socket wrench Avl RFQ
B107.33M TY1 5130-01-348-9393 socket socket wrenc Avl RFQ
C54690 5136-01-045-8605 tap thread cutting Avl RFQ
AS954 5120-01-335-0887 socket socket wrenc Avl RFQ
SDM2705D 5120-01-428-8561 bit screwdriver Avl RFQ
OSH30B 5120-01-335-1299 wrench box and open Avl RFQ
FRS D020 5136-01-604-5295 die thread cutting Avl RFQ
ATI474-25 3455-01-079-2255 blade hole saw Avl RFQ
B107.5M 5120-01-348-9250 socket socket wrenc Avl RFQ
SPP535 5140-01-271-5291 carrier tool Avl RFQ
GGG-W-636 5120-00-132-0782 wrench set open end Avl RFQ
B107.5 5120-01-348-9252 socket socket wrenc Avl RFQ
AT488C-19 5133-01-370-9604 counterbore machine Avl RFQ
DAS10B 5110-01-429-7391 shears metal cuttin Avl RFQ
A5006 5315-01-447-9220 pin tapered plain Avl RFQ
IMX62A 5130-01-348-9446 extension socket wr Avl RFQ
AS954 TY1CL1STA 5120-01-335-0947 socket socket wrenc Avl RFQ
B107.100 COMBINATION 5120-01-349-1436 wrench box and open Avl RFQ
SGDTX320A 5120-01-428-8539 screwdriver six poi Avl RFQ
ATI736 5120-01-368-4259 bar bucking rivet Avl RFQ
CJ92 5120-01-367-3868 puller mechanical Avl RFQ
TE250FUC 5120-01-355-1822 wrench torque Avl RFQ
PH87 5130-01-300-0287 chisel power hammer Avl RFQ
5263965 4820-01-351-9973 seat valve Avl RFQ
CM6190 5210-01-352-1339 caliper micrometer Avl RFQ
SDTX645 5120-01-428-8587 screwdriver six poi Avl RFQ
35785 5120-00-223-8968 guide drill Avl RFQ
B107.5 TY1CL1 5120-01-348-9048 socket socket wrenc Avl RFQ
M4241452 5210-01-446-7697 caliper micrometer Avl RFQ
B107.26 TY2 5120-01-380-9005 bit screwdriver Avl RFQ
OSHM160A 5120-01-429-7428 wrench box and open Avl RFQ
AS954 5120-01-349-1394 wrench box Avl RFQ
AT100AF-3A 5130-01-368-4496 rivet set pneumatic Avl RFQ
B107.28 TY1 5130-01-514-7767 wrench torque elect Avl RFQ
SDDS50R 5120-01-428-8639 screwdriver set fla Avl RFQ
310SWMY 5120-01-429-3555 socket set socket w Avl RFQ
PMF135 5210-01-463-6873 indicator dial Avl RFQ
SW191 5120-01-335-0797 socket socket wrenc Avl RFQ
FUAM8E 5120-01-437-3693 screwdriver attachm Avl RFQ
AT400A 5130-00-186-9916 sander disk pneumat Avl RFQ
19155 5120-01-335-0700 adapter socket wren Avl RFQ
B107.10M TY1CL3ST1 5120-01-355-1911 handle socket wrenc Avl RFQ
ATI570-21 5120-01-104-5376 drill stop Avl RFQ
IMA323 5120-01-063-2490 screwdriver attachm Avl RFQ
0736 3009 5120-01-348-9134 socket socket wrenc Avl RFQ
FRS TD99117B-1 5140-01-604-4868 tool box portable Avl RFQ
SIMF320 5130-01-348-9207 socket socket wrenc Avl RFQ
AS4283 5120-01-030-1614 handle socket wrenc Avl RFQ
8PS12 5120-00-198-5390 key socket head scr Avl RFQ
9580 5120-01-428-8633 key socket head scr Avl RFQ
FRS T1620M 5136-01-604-4720 tap thread cutting Avl RFQ
LTA5460 5120-01-428-8244 wrench open end Avl RFQ
QCS18751680 3040-01-492-2429 bracket eye rotatin Avl RFQ
FCOM9 5120-01-428-8139 crowfoot attachment Avl RFQ
VO4852 5120-01-335-1222 wrench open end Avl RFQ
AS4283 5120-01-335-0740 handle socket wrenc Avl RFQ
GGG-W-641 TY4CL4STA 5120-01-035-9328 extension socket wr Avl RFQ
GAN8508-27B 5120-01-428-8024 crowfoot attachment Avl RFQ
AT445CTG-4-5 16 5133-01-397-2916 cutter countersink Avl RFQ
KRL711PY 5140-01-434-8560 side cabinet mobile Avl RFQ
GFCO30 5120-01-428-8123 crowfoot attachment Avl RFQ
0101 3989 5120-01-428-8626 wrench ratchet Avl RFQ
AT420D-4-5 32 5133-01-397-3089 cutter countersink Avl RFQ
BADJC8 5120-01-600-4420 wrench adjustable Avl RFQ
VP6BN 5120-01-371-5583 wrench plier Avl RFQ
B107.10 5120-01-335-0702 adapter extension s Avl RFQ
B107.10M 5120-01-335-0720 handle socket wrenc Avl RFQ
RTBM19 5120-01-616-9457 wrench ratchet Avl RFQ

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