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CAGE Code parts are in stock and ready to ship from ASAP Aero Supplies. Commercial and Government Entity codes, or CAGE codes, are an important identifier within the federal government. They are a five-character ID number used to support mechanized systems throughout the government and provide a standard method for the identification of a given entity and their specific location. CAGE codes are assigned by the Defense Logistics Agency and are recognized by such organizations as the Department of Defense, NASA, and members of NATO. Before doing business with the government or NATO, each company and corporation is required to have a unique CAGE code.

As reputed supplier of CAGE Code parts, ASAP Aero Supplies is a leader among distributors within the aerospace, civil aviation, and defense industries. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor and thus have their inventory and international supply chain network at our disposal. These resources allow us to track down in-demand and hard-to-find parts and deliver them to our customers at competitive prices with short lead times. To further ease the parts procurement experience, ASAP Aero Supplies conveniently offers our customers a CAGE Code Lookup tool to quickly and conveniently find the parts they need. Our Cage Code Lookup tool provides a list of every CAGE code in our inventory as well as a search engine to help users quickly sort through the billions of parts that we can ship. 

ASAP Aero Supplies does business with many of theCAGE Code parts manufacturers, and has an inventory featuring countless types of new and obsolete parts. For all your aerospace and aviation needs, ASAP Aero Supplies is here to help. To see how we are revolutionizing the purchasing process, submit an RFQ today. Our team of dedicated account managers is standing by and will respond to your request in 15 minutes or less, 24/7-365.
F8859 32172 09049 75284 60848 1B927
67275 62577 85130 0RL45 58163 65461
58662 D2346 0SUY3 89863 22189 0PGW7
70691 2G686 22313 02926 02750 4PHJ6
0R2N0 92526 57737 KF387 K3F89 0E4B5
31003 43XS9 8A932 69859 1Y7G8 F1724
16948 0ETC8 83930 27060 11583 S4254
29371 53655 378R6 51057 00NQ7 80769
1HXL6 61105 D0735 0UBB6 0TH42 0W1X6
02DE5 8Z430 24937 K4466 K0662 03526
09535 D1335 86228 62485 15814 1GV12
31745 Z0NQ7 0PXM8 77570 51AD7 50BM7
94404 62492 0MMF3 1K209 U8468 7A916
8W179 51802 D5217 1CD87 3P6M4 13730
83421 F8247 U9851 13105 12628 55088
D2643 U3999 73925 0WYL6 53375 64496
66944 S3345 24018 6LBA7 4T843 49956
0EES0 3HRL4 20133 FA1D6 2V903 50726
29778 72547 58325 70801 F7834 5XZX0
4X630 N2066 S3465 U3816 3U331 29924
Z7P33 08749 10217 5BUW7 6DV65 88277
92400 K6328 047F6 33909 1AG66 KCS68
59105 1UQL0 R2605 9V632 14922 8X198
91861 1T0H9 0XDS2 1523A 050J2 50803
1U7M4 374V6 22903 L5163 71823 1F7N8
2F699 2W569 5V999 0KAG7 24614 25466
89231 0WJV3 93262 65392 064L4 90303
6B443 D0076 76873 4B131 35453 64724
1JA77 97816 0VMV8 39PN5 3CPE0 0L1E5
3P253 08928 62713 C1611 42DK1 T5423
C0384 31985 4FYH2 3CQF2 28057 53814
3T557 08599 21856 73287 3EXK7 1Y0V2
41406 08661 4N908 86025 A6279 5K8F2
65169 0125B 59610 44D86 07180 4T6R2
3D203 1JY80 56526 FAFF1 0EJS9 96879
01PC6 AJ805 3G3J7 2D628 0NN59 9Z270
00665 9K153 08295 18482 61543 64775
04972 3NCV7 72625 09PJ2 0ZM09 3D6E2
2F530 1MKX4 79497 59206 U7676 14003
8X117 73321 44291 1M331 A4655 22593
0BTD9 32500 8P601 2W888 0ADL0 1JJQ5
0CGM8 3Z619 2L642 9K054 0YYC5 57216
0REY5 3M377 04643 58239 34924 61959
0ZS81 68H58 99378 07443 99289 1JY08
0CUJ4 6DP27 6U221 39577 3QGV7 K0648
32311 07039 74858 32356 4NXD8 0PKC7
00929 03FX2 11266 1FPM8 09098 01475
98983 5HCF1 8F043 6UQP0 53930 D2497
65027 05AJ8 8C227 58029 58133 D0055
73693 D8913 58323 0MY77 7P109 14508

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