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CAGE Code parts are in stock and ready to ship from ASAP Aero Supplies. Commercial and Government Entity codes, or CAGE codes, are an important identifier within the federal government. They are a five-character ID number used to support mechanized systems throughout the government and provide a standard method for the identification of a given entity and their specific location. CAGE codes are assigned by the Defense Logistics Agency and are recognized by such organizations as the Department of Defense, NASA, and members of NATO. Before doing business with the government or NATO, each company and corporation is required to have a unique CAGE code.

As reputed supplier of CAGE Code parts, ASAP Aero Supplies is a leader among distributors within the aerospace, civil aviation, and defense industries. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor and thus have their inventory and international supply chain network at our disposal. These resources allow us to track down in-demand and hard-to-find parts and deliver them to our customers at competitive prices with short lead times. To further ease the parts procurement experience, ASAP Aero Supplies conveniently offers our customers a CAGE Code Lookup tool to quickly and conveniently find the parts they need. Our Cage Code Lookup tool provides a list of every CAGE code in our inventory as well as a search engine to help users quickly sort through the billions of parts that we can ship. 

ASAP Aero Supplies does business with many of theCAGE Code parts manufacturers, and has an inventory featuring countless types of new and obsolete parts. For all your aerospace and aviation needs, ASAP Aero Supplies is here to help. To see how we are revolutionizing the purchasing process, submit an RFQ today. Our team of dedicated account managers is standing by and will respond to your request in 15 minutes or less, 24/7-365.
69043 S3195 67634 1CD96 4V062 0KRA4
90535 1WU62 90038 16748 74RP7 59087
30793 1CYM8 06554 0PVB6 81782 6L879
8C798 K5080 4WE10 50452 48657 FAPF2
U12V0 05DN8 2Y938 00175 0BLU5 02941
1C694 60254 U0848 4J433 50867 96105
9S850 95878 7ZL65 30794 91920 6T774
K0150 03363 91346 0MVU3 1TN58 66701
3T761 3H889 6L334 30408 0W7D7 Z5295
1X0L7 0NUD3 0ZFV1 34602 0JZR9 2N335
33322 Z0DE4 55886 87471 052R5 ZAQ17
D2719 60468 0AAB8 20284 1A453 53327
0D8H4 22968 C5845 1FQU3 84583 483C0
U2453 1KP05 1L5F5 0A539 80152 76857
Z5506 3T833 09454 82761 69196 0B7T5
19386 1Q3J5 53146 33968 54462 4M941
28983 B6916 02833 87682 55729 97814
0B445 9Y918 0AW35 59279 D1841 09511
61058 64484 98668 7T028 65023 6H925
0SFP2 97200 D8114 0PA65 12794 0AEU8
64680 62299 7NZX4 K0966 SBK53 6R888
K6571 78103 0TAM6 1MVK2 18038 15422
55954 0BW84 0AYW4 88522 1JN91 70348
1BAS4 4LRZ9 06509 1GKQ6 22003 6S4H1
0JYD6 0AMD8 80116 89378 82370 005K1
32455 04AD7 0EFP6 99296 AC031 54652
N4599 0BTU6 12810 DF841 88657 0Y503
68897 0SAM1 3CQ68 1JX42 77948 3Z616
0BAM0 96767 0YBX0 14651 F6980 77053
K0991 L4528 59396 58291 C1374 N4528
40145 26537 0GWL8 35638 2J431 41197
88002 FAPV8 7S653 38658 34764 3Z994
4Y543 6V186 91363 0SYT7 5T885 C1258
30260 6PKV1 1WY97 8K112 30212 1H983
1TQE9 Z4930 06992 14329 4JYL9 0LG51
1ZFH4 43696 000F6 5VVX7 1DUQ5 59926
1TC81 88006 10207 R5418 3X694 2Y147
05809 57448 17654 0LSG7 K1357 08HX9
1N1R7 52782 03516 08302 74713 09XP2
96153 0G5R8 05063 18056 89447 82532
09306 18456 81868 55N25 H0J76 08538
0AFE8 L2433 0XCK8 11822 54647 91015
61400 05259 2P279 0S792 65789 1VTZ9
Z4T54 H0M80 17612 1VNH4 6Y493 16469
58861 D9656 66782 88115 66187 63103
15852 3AA08 1VQS2 89305 4A657 33347
0RKX3 3FGA1 4N530 1WDP3 0FTA0 32WM8
50290 3B6G5 20078 009A6 9U431 3L5M5
02978 1SWJ4 37999 5D346 6K264 20969
64374 U0Y92 1WSL8 56806 12287 14925

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