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At ASAP Aero Supplies, Our inventory consists of over six billion parts, including those such as part numbers 2069, PD23871-53, 10-1021, 375800-13, 6-40658-11 and NSN 1660-00-830-4678, 6125-00-035-4838, 1560-00-673-5240, 3120-00-603-0804, 6340-00-871-2125. We have the military aircraft spare parts you need, all sourced from premium manufacturers. If you are in need of new, used, or obsolete components including Spacer, Stator, Knob, Hinge, Bearing, our team can provide you with a competitive quote with some of the fastest lead-times in the industry. All of our military aircraft spare parts undergo rigorous quality assurance testing by our expert team, and shipping is expedited on our robust supply chain. Submit an Instant RFQ for military aircraft spare parts today to get started and a dedicated account manager will be in touch within 15 minutes.

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Part No NSN Description Condition QTY RFQ
2069 1660-00-830-4678 spacer ns Avl RFQ
PD23871-53 6125-00-035-4838 stator ns Avl RFQ
10-1021 NA knob ns Avl RFQ
375800-13 1560-00-673-5240 hinge ns Avl RFQ
6-40658-11 3120-00-603-0804 bearing ns Avl RFQ
348114 NA eyebolt ns Avl RFQ
R1332-3003 6340-00-871-2125 cap ns Avl RFQ
RK0149 1560-00-421-5411 kit ns Avl RFQ
370756 NA bushing ns Avl RFQ
371358-5 NA fitting assy ns Avl RFQ
BX1356 5826-00-319-1693 crank assy ns Avl RFQ
4014304 1560-00-659-8728 coupling ns Avl RFQ
4022243-601 NA bracket ns Avl RFQ
4041653 1560-00-510-4083 torque tube ns Avl RFQ
346131-13 1560-00-649-5166 shaft assy ns Avl RFQ
51B221-8H 5305-00-805-3838 screw ns Avl RFQ
LP3-4AMX2 NA screw ns Avl RFQ
LS5963E45-3136 NA cable ns Avl RFQ
4000003-767 NA tube ns Avl RFQ
LS35104AA004 NA decal ns Avl RFQ
2-16703-5 NA fitting ns Avl RFQ
MD77011-129 6210-01-124-0919 light panel ns Avl RFQ
907D311-1 6115-00-804-9295 stator ns Avl RFQ
363239-15 NA duct ar Avl RFQ
1560K0148366ASE NA kit ns Avl RFQ
51B464-4A28 NA bolt ns Avl RFQ
55A511 NA nut ns Avl RFQ
56-271 5330-00-580-6269 retainer ns Avl RFQ
372213-5 NA hinge ns Avl RFQ
51299 NA solenoid valve ar Avl RFQ
13983 5365-01-017-6035 spacer ns Avl RFQ
364890-1 NA cam, jato ns Avl RFQ
114834-01 NA pointer ns Avl RFQ
3-40145-2 3040-00-956-6436 shaft ns Avl RFQ
2-73434-3 1560-00-710-2386 plug ns Avl RFQ
PD4 3830-00-663-4012 plug ns Avl RFQ
2662147 4820-01-171-2520 poppet ns Avl RFQ
67A1005-6 1650-00-612-1606 ring mating ns Avl RFQ
LS3859-4-9 NA bushing ns Avl RFQ
74A410703-2001 1620-01-116-1557 jack point ns Avl RFQ
D7461 6220-00-944-0111 housing, lens ns Avl RFQ
372373-7 NA washer, thrust ns Avl RFQ
176822 NA gasket ns Avl RFQ
EZ34-16S 5935-00-259-3299 connector ns Avl RFQ
LS5041-8 5330-00-559-3930 packing, seal, rubber ns Avl RFQ
10W016-20C56 NA washer ns Avl RFQ
R3805CC5-0286 NA hose assy ns Avl RFQ
360560-1L 1560-00-673-5191 bracket ns Avl RFQ
13205 1650-00-507-5393 spring, helical ns Avl RFQ
6675-00-031-8284 NA housing, indicator ns Avl RFQ
374783-1 1560-00-674-4019 bracket ns Avl RFQ
17300 5826-00-538-3075 antenna coupler sv Avl RFQ
342381-6 1560-00-098-7973 door assy, wing ns Avl RFQ
6-40685-1 1560-00-328-4906 key, anti-rotation ns Avl RFQ
4101700-145 NA fitting ns Avl RFQ
C4578 6125-00-083-5896 cover, fan ns Avl RFQ
69544-14-11 NA stud ns Avl RFQ
371496-1 1560-01-422-8975 fitting ns Avl RFQ
104951BN NA parts kit ns Avl RFQ
LP4-4AMX2 NA bolt ns Avl RFQ
140033 5826-00-601-3396 ring, front clamp ns Avl RFQ
174564 NA tube ns Avl RFQ
S36B90008-24-0172 4720-00-876-3498 hose ns Avl RFQ
1889523 5841-01-053-7872 radar indicator ns Avl RFQ
5944-02 1680-01-223-8123 bleed control ar Avl RFQ
736225 6605-00-650-6793 contact assy ns Avl RFQ
33600C1-C1 6610-00-881-3908 indicator ar Avl RFQ
177257 NA arm ns Avl RFQ
351971-6 NA tube ns Avl RFQ
3-00512-89 NA label ns Avl RFQ
10-0068 NA retainer ns Avl RFQ
2-43160-507 1650-00-835-0129 cylinder oh Avl RFQ
6-24301-524 NA door assy ns Avl RFQ
372095-1 5340-00-618-1753 spacer, sleeve ns Avl RFQ
3319575-3 NA cable assy ns Avl RFQ
922B464-1 6115-00-974-0210 cover, bearing ns Avl RFQ
377371-1 1560-00-307-6686 pan, flap link ns Avl RFQ
2-43140-2 1650-00-723-1139 cylinder ns Avl RFQ
371896-4 1560-00-673-1550 bus bar ns Avl RFQ
6186-1 NA connector ns Avl RFQ
720728-1 1610-01-218-6217 dome, piston oh Avl RFQ
341739 5340-00-589-3777 clamp ns Avl RFQ
51B221-10H NA bolt ns Avl RFQ
504-7757-002 5935-00-322-4007 connector ns Avl RFQ
8853011-03 NA disk ne Avl RFQ
4090325-37 NA bushing ns Avl RFQ
23801 1630-00-626-6272 plate, brake ns Avl RFQ
9757-15 5306-00-734-1963 bolt ns Avl RFQ
167384 NA washer ns Avl RFQ
2-74259-3 3120-00-715-4382 rod bearing ns Avl RFQ
352376-4 1560-00-547-2412 fitting ns Avl RFQ
7530915-10 1620-01-009-4089 trunnion, landing sv Avl RFQ
51B334-31H 5305-01-047-4001 screw ns Avl RFQ
3-64409-1 6220-00-274-8503 panel plate ns Avl RFQ
F3635144-3 NA sleeve ns Avl RFQ
175197 1620-00-094-4401 bolt ns Avl RFQ
348048L 1560-00-307-2059 bracket ns Avl RFQ
42519 5905-00-549-7687 rheostat ns Avl RFQ
R15152-1 NA actuator oh Avl RFQ
AV14K1148-1 4810-00-864-8673 valve ar Avl RFQ

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