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At ASAP Aero Supplies, Our inventory consists of over six billion parts, including those such as part numbers 3898, 175603, 69D6111, 466389-01, 6-40671-501 and NSN 1560-00-974-8486, 1095-00-165-2681, 4935-01-230-3818, 4010-00-409-8940, 1660-00-180-4052. We have the military aircraft spare parts you need, all sourced from premium manufacturers. If you are in need of new, used, or obsolete components including Valve Adapter, Pin, Arm, Switch, Cable Assy, our team can provide you with a competitive quote with some of the fastest lead-times in the industry. All of our military aircraft spare parts undergo rigorous quality assurance testing by our expert team, and shipping is expedited on our robust supply chain. Submit an Instant RFQ for military aircraft spare parts today to get started and a dedicated account manager will be in touch within 15 minutes.

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Part No NSN Description Condition QTY RFQ
3898 1560-00-974-8486 valve adapter ns Avl RFQ
175603 NA pin ns Avl RFQ
69D6111 1095-00-165-2681 arm ns Avl RFQ
466389-01 4935-01-230-3818 switch ns Avl RFQ
6-40671-501 NA arm rp Avl RFQ
LS5963E45-2704 4010-00-409-8940 cable assy ns Avl RFQ
41A5317 1660-00-180-4052 flange, oxygen ns Avl RFQ
339705 NA ring ns Avl RFQ
3-76877-1 4920-00-974-4162 test set,cabin temp ar Avl RFQ
10W062-50N75 NA washer ns Avl RFQ
382195-1 4730-00-717-3080 fitting rp Avl RFQ
363721-4 NA profil assy ns Avl RFQ
372522-75 NA shim ns Avl RFQ
RK0170 1650-00-767-7687 kit ns Avl RFQ
1211-517279 NA valve ns Avl RFQ
7839342-1 NA shim ns Avl RFQ
906D872-2 6110-00-727-6338 regulator sv Avl RFQ
330091 NA insulator ns Avl RFQ
51B333-15H 5305-00-833-4120 bolt ns Avl RFQ
308334 NA pin ns Avl RFQ
339601 NA bracket ar Avl RFQ
2555146 NA bracket ns Avl RFQ
LP4-7AMX2 5306-00-816-8568 bolt ns Avl RFQ
10W016-20C106 NA washer ns Avl RFQ
10W032-33D125 NA washer ns Avl RFQ
FCD-60710 1560-00-981-6138 tank, fuel rp Avl RFQ
3-13015-13 NA seal ns Avl RFQ
357432-1 NA lite panel rp Avl RFQ
1214-929 6930-00-561-1893 marker ns Avl RFQ
104685DE NA kit ns Avl RFQ
3230 1660-00-111-1463 parts kit ns Avl RFQ
51B333-40H 5305-00-808-9947 bolt ns Avl RFQ
346124-5 NA hook, mike ns Avl RFQ
3-12331-77B 1560-00-905-8456 firewall ns Avl RFQ
375009-1 1560-00-628-5524 arm, navigator ns Avl RFQ
6-50372-501 NA bracket ns Avl RFQ
74A330866-2009 5340-01-269-7439 cover ns Avl RFQ
51B464-3A17 5306-00-802-0889 bolt ns Avl RFQ
2-73039-5 NA part ns Avl RFQ
172466 NA seal ns Avl RFQ
7839323-02 NA shim ns Avl RFQ
499-00 1660-00-780-0399 actuator sv Avl RFQ
6-41668-5 3120-00-881-3934 bushing, sleeve ns Avl RFQ
74A695694-1009 4710-01-118-1967 tube ns Avl RFQ
2-73201-19 NA cable ns Avl RFQ
356998-1 1560-00-586-4709 bracket ns Avl RFQ
375725-1 NA container assy ns Avl RFQ
98265-1-140 NA stud ns Avl RFQ
6-40632-1 1620-00-203-8492 bushing ns Avl RFQ
345116-4 NA seal ns Avl RFQ
MF24-3906-30BC-S394- NA hyd motor rp Avl RFQ
2-13212-7 1560-01-345-9278 retainer ns Avl RFQ
3-70477-5 4720-01-064-4855 hose ns Avl RFQ
3-40120-1 5930-00-786-8416 arm ns Avl RFQ
SS4-500 NA sleeve ns Avl RFQ
371787-3 6150-00-630-2876 bus bar ns Avl RFQ
45-22047-1588 NA strap ns Avl RFQ
6-50350-505 NA valve & body, sub assy rp Avl RFQ
375806-1 1560-00-671-8959 clevis ns Avl RFQ
RD9063 NA housing rp Avl RFQ
2053010-3 NA insulator ns Avl RFQ
839-00103 6340-00-179-5077 alarm audible ns Avl RFQ
2-727-3 1630-00-555-7523 brake assy sv Avl RFQ
372095-1 5340-00-618-1753 spacer, sleeve ns Avl RFQ
504-7758-002 NA bracket ns Avl RFQ
2-13019-7 5330-00-790-5028 rubber strip ns Avl RFQ
8555M9 6220-01-437-7640 light, landing ar Avl RFQ
14-43034-20 NA tube ns Avl RFQ
LS1673-3-16 NA pin ns Avl RFQ
363909-1 1560-00-652-7774 box, generator ns Avl RFQ
74R092037-2083 NA spacer ns Avl RFQ
174933-21 1560-00-122-5348 roller ns Avl RFQ
216-23-3 1560-00-621-4946 oil cap ns Avl RFQ
4022246-1 NA clamp half rp Avl RFQ
3337611-3 NA shim ns Avl RFQ
R3826-8-0365-107 4720-00-670-1157 hose ns Avl RFQ
113380 1650-00-720-1946 filter sv Avl RFQ
67A1005-6 1650-00-612-1606 ring mating ns Avl RFQ
R1332-3005 6340-00-811-2126 cap ns Avl RFQ
139-400 5831-00-543-1423 amplifier ns Avl RFQ
2-13201-37 1560-00-961-2342 seal ns Avl RFQ
6-50740-501 NA bracket ns Avl RFQ
10021 5830-00-496-9646 crank ns Avl RFQ
226150 2995-01-066-1282 adapter, valve ns Avl RFQ
LS4893-8 NA retainer ns Avl RFQ
330787 3120-01-284-9539 bushing ns Avl RFQ
4000003-189 4710-00-216-8631 tube rp Avl RFQ
AN912-8 NA screw tube ns Avl RFQ
522295-12-7 4720-00-825-4361 hose ns Avl RFQ
4011700-131 NA retainer ns Avl RFQ
3-60927-1 5925-00-879-2184 circuit breaker ns Avl RFQ
14-43030-96 NA tube hyd ns Avl RFQ
370741-38 NA tube ns Avl RFQ
2-13000-5 1560-00-920-8706 seal ns Avl RFQ
3322-950 5841-00-097-7248 tracker rp Avl RFQ
74A480623-2001 1560-01-232-8817 spacer ns Avl RFQ
9757-7 5306-00-836-9633 bolt ns Avl RFQ
D18049 NA wiper motor ar Avl RFQ
364209-2L NA support ns Avl RFQ
756067-1 1680-00-970-6981 spring ns Avl RFQ

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