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In the aerospace and defense industries, an end item is considered a final combination of end products, components, parts, and or materials that are ready for their intended use. This includes ships, tanks, mobile machine shops, aircrafts, and other critical Department of Defense vehicles and machines. Sometimes called major end items, end items make up a low percentage of the total line items in the armed forces inventory despite making up a high percentage of its spending. Because of this high cost and their high importance to critical combat operations, end items are controlled through chains of command.

During wartime, the distribution of end items is controlled by the commander and staff of the specific theater. This is known as the Theater Army Material Management Command (TAMMC). All major end items are command-controlled, and supply requisitions are routed via the TAMMC. Acquisition of major end items is managed by the National Inventory Control Point (NICP), and the degree of management is dependent on the cost and complexity of the specific item. Also, if depot maintenance of an end item is deemed necessary, it will be handled by the NICP. As no two conflicts or wars are ever the same, the management, distribution, and use of end items is an important aspect of the armed forces responsibilities.

If you are in need of quality end items, ASAP Aero Supplies is here to help. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we have access to an unparalleled inventory of more than six billion new and obsolete aircraft parts for the aerospace, civil aviation, and defense industries. Parts such as 1430 01-087-6330, Scope Signal Iii, F16a/B, Used On Fighter Aircraft (F18-E/F), Seawolf ,Class Ssnand many more are readily available with short lead times and competitive prices. For end items or general aircraft parts, look no further than ASAP Aero Supplies. Contact us via email at or call us at +1-714-705-4780.

1430 01-087-6330 scope signal iii f16a/b
used on fighter aircraft (f18-e/f) seawolf ,class ssn refrigerator
5895-01-410-9729 fuel group air route surveillance radar 3 (arsr3)
ican fleet warfare electronic support group radar set an/sps-49(v)7
an/mst-t1v submarine class f15a/b/c/d/e; aircraft, eagle f-15
guidance unit,midcourse,type cp-1137/dsq-28 model e-2c acft 2320-01-318-9902
p-3c acft b - 2 bomber strategic weapon systems (poseidon & trident)
lamps mark 3 (sh-60b) 6930-00-903-7427 trainer,flight 2320-01-540-2038 truck, utility
compressor aircraft , soh aircraft , hornet , f/a-18
nexrad weather system;rda vertical stab, f/a-18e/f hornet aircraft c130-j acft
support equipment , c-17a aircraft ea-6b aircraft 2350-01-248-7620
5805-01-187-9399 switchboard,tel 1905-01-154-1191 an/dlq3c
lav-25 slep 2320-01-123-1602 grumman aerospace corp a10 aircraft c-17 -aircraft
carsr lgm 30 an/ulq-13
02n strategic weapon systems (poseidon and trident) 6625-00-247-7347 2320014652174
2320-01-494-7606 an /alm-233 170 patrol coastal (pc-1) class ship
an/fsc-78c (v) satcom system f-16 aircraft support equipment fwd/aft fus elec equi
eurofighter 2000 f-15e aircraft f-15sa
countermeasures set type an/tlq-17a fscm 72314 3895015772425 paving machine,bituminous material auto test eq
f-16 air combat fighter l1011 aircraft,general instrument corp communications buoy marine ltd
6625014518727 lcu uh-60
digital display f-18 ,acft kg-207
jay-el series 10620 chs iii-om-87/t c-5
grumman; a10 aircraft 6625-01-440-2122 predator, uav-rq1
2320-01-304-2277 pls (palletized loading system) base enclosure 2355-22-622-7966
fsas c-141/c scopeshield/t-s ship control console 100scc-1
seawolf 3655-00-722-3901 ac 130u
thermal imagery (and ancillary equipment), other missile related materiel f-14a aircraft apache attack helicopter model ah 64
b-2 aircraft communications terminal ,an/tsc-125 spruance class dd (963)
hercules c 130 aircraft awads radar b kit 3710-01-534-9817;hydroseeder t120s
torpedo tube ,submerged ,upr rh ,mk69 , mod 1 acft model av-8 3805-01-030-2816
simulator,airborne jammer an/alt-40 mk 660 mod 0 main frame,ate contractor logistics lifetime support (crls) , deployable universal combat earthmover (deuce) , 30/30 (model dv100) , nsn 2430-01-423-2819 , tms-2430-200-24p , lin: t76541 , wsc:ia
motor radar e/i fscm 76301 grumman aerospace a10 aircraft
ah-64 helicopter

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