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CAGE Code : 75477

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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
5W-71497 10 5330-01-263-6881 gasket Avl RFQ
4C10484 4130-00-625-5056 screen suction Avl RFQ
603511 116 6105-01-422-1834 motor alternating c Avl RFQ
B5W-28829-38 3120-01-239-1375 bushing sleeve Avl RFQ
525079-11 6105-01-444-7515 motor alternating c Avl RFQ
B60541 4140-01-431-4139 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
603511 23 6105-01-293-2760 motor alternating c Avl RFQ
9W-34009 PIECE 14 5310-01-295-4716 washer flat Avl RFQ
5V-8501-B-17 5330-01-455-6923 gasket Avl RFQ
FF16929PC19 5935-01-307-2525 connector conduit Avl RFQ
B5783-2 4140-01-431-4156 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
X702-409 4140-00-931-1136 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
FF12986 PIECE 26 4140-01-180-8339 screen sound cell f Avl RFQ
5W-32362-1 4140-01-227-9722 impeller fan axial Avl RFQ
B60035-27 4140-01-424-7515 impeller fan axial Avl RFQ
9W-74657 CD-3491 4140-01-279-6253 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
801621-143 6105-01-342-1782 motor alternating c Avl RFQ
DDP159X 3413-00-387-9527 drilling machine up Avl RFQ
H1-9302 PIECE 1 4140-01-314-0235 impeller fan axial Avl RFQ
XA20A4W5-MCD-5545 IT 4140-01-276-0949 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
B60137 ASSY B60137-1 4140-01-424-2984 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
500706-8651 4140-01-434-2998 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
AC-3313-13 2835-01-051-1514 blade assembly Avl RFQ
FF-16931 PIECE 2 4140-01-364-5287 impeller fan axial Avl RFQ
8V8327PC15 5306-00-473-4841 bolt machine Avl RFQ
B60167-1 ITEM 24 5310-01-430-9541 washer flat Avl RFQ
D3-64425-1-MCD6175-1 2530-01-578-1595 wheel pneumatic tir Avl RFQ
FF-18680 4140-01-434-3012 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
R1-8171 PIECE 47 5330-01-265-6368 gasket Avl RFQ
9W-57010 REV0M 4140-01-218-9013 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
MIL-F-18953 4140-00-289-8789 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
500706-8570 4140-01-477-7220 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
B5772-2 4140-01-425-6422 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
85094 3 5330-01-385-1677 gasket Avl RFQ
B60259-2 ITEM 7 4140-01-422-5892 impeller fan axial Avl RFQ
FF-19582 CD3761 4140-01-549-6371 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
B60613-53 MCD-5777 B 4140-01-426-5200 impeller fan axial Avl RFQ
FF-17621 PIECE 4 4140-01-300-8060 impeller fan centri Avl RFQ
500826 2434 6105-01-212-0436 motor alternating c Avl RFQ
500706-8640 4140-00-554-8143 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
500896-269 4140-01-574-3368 fan centrifugal Avl RFQ
B5V-8501B-7 5330-01-445-8140 gasket Avl RFQ
FF 18516 PC NO 28 5998-01-633-7355 electronic component Avl RFQ
B5744-1 4140-01-425-7131 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
D1-9642-1 4140-01-308-6651 impeller fan axial Avl RFQ
801629-570GR2 6105-01-421-3592 motor alternating c Avl RFQ
NV 00015 REV D 4140-01-503-9931 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
8W2012 4140-00-267-0986 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
BD1-52225-1 4140-01-466-4447 impeller fan axial Avl RFQ
5W-37614-2-CD-3 404 4140-01-232-1025 impeller fan axial Avl RFQ
CD-3727-1 4140-01-481-7662 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
B5706-4 4140-01-420-5630 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
SK-1507 4140-00-639-9765 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
505551490 4140-01-421-3620 impeller fan axial Avl RFQ
FF9631 5330-01-592-9795 gasket Avl RFQ
92D1006 6105-01-409-1416 motor alternating c Avl RFQ
153-18BD 3040-01-220-0962 collar shaft Avl RFQ
1R70-52D663 4140-01-240-6125 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
01E883362 6105-01-342-1782 motor alternating c Avl RFQ
5W-34029-9 4140-01-346-9293 impeller fan axial Avl RFQ
AVR90-43D2325 4140-00-395-0027 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
B60616-117 4140-01-425-0011 impeller fan axial Avl RFQ
CA11979 5305-01-261-7919 setscrew Avl RFQ
B5707-2 4140-01-429-7510 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
8W-63659-2 MA100AF 4140-01-269-0382 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
500826-4190 6105-01-297-0929 motor alternating c Avl RFQ
8W-68024 ITEM 19 4820-01-262-7522 cock drain Avl RFQ
R1-5580-XA31 2A 4W5 4140-01-373-1188 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
B5773-1 4140-01-425-0024 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
500826-2896 6105-01-219-5840 motor alternating c Avl RFQ
B5773-3 4140-01-426-3222 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
500894-16 4140-01-301-8671 fan centrifugal Avl RFQ
R1-3573-1 ITEM 36 3120-01-465-9947 bushing sleeve Avl RFQ
A2-1 2A4W6-NM 4140-01-410-7619 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
A3-1278-CCW-TH- SIZE 4140-01-212-7994 fan centrifugal Avl RFQ
B3742-3 4140-01-455-9893 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
500896-239 4140-00-541-9077 fan centrifugal Avl RFQ
7W-71038-1 4140-01-227-9719 impeller fan axial Avl RFQ
C1A4W6CWNS 4140-00-289-9263 fan centrifugal Avl RFQ
5942962 5910-01-062-2180 capacitor fixed pap Avl RFQ
L1D1W6 4140-00-289-8829 fan tubeaxial Avl RFQ
F1-1139 SZ-17MW-CW-D 4140-01-317-0658 fan centrifugal Avl RFQ
78877M1 6105-01-162-5315 motor alternating c Avl RFQ
500702 4106 4140-01-392-7716 fan tubeaxial Avl RFQ
MCD6166-1 4140-01-575-4479 fan tubeaxial Avl RFQ
3W63278 3040-01-228-9172 shaft straight Avl RFQ
FF16145 PIECE 21 5331-01-236-0487 o ring Avl RFQ
554115 4140-00-269-5221 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
B5W-28829-37 5365-01-465-9322 bushing nonmetallic Avl RFQ
FF-18356 PIECE 4 4140-01-411-3709 impeller fan axial Avl RFQ
B60210-5 4140-01-426-3222 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
4W-93405-3 5342-01-205-3910 clip Avl RFQ
MIL-F-19004 4140-01-242-0152 fan centrifugal Avl RFQ
IR290-230D2499A 4140-01-262-8467 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
500896-186 4140-01-593-2253 fan centrifugal Avl RFQ
4D-3210-1 3413-01-108-4037 retainer spring adj Avl RFQ
B400 655 005 5310-01-420-5143 washer lock Avl RFQ
FF16145 4140-01-133-9011 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
801631-500 6105-01-484-7189 motor alternating c Avl RFQ
10210 3110-01-171-6464 collar bearing Avl RFQ

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