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CAGE Code : 0BVP9

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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
A51E15009-6 1660-01-141-9766 duct assembly air c Avl RFQ
160D120140-3 1560-01-095-0976 support structural Avl RFQ
128LM10215-1 1620-00-970-9152 guide spring Avl RFQ
128CM10019-1 1560-00-970-9718 terminal assembly Avl RFQ
123AMM42143-611 1560-01-185-0050 support door brace Avl RFQ
162D622225-1001 1680-01-624-0882 bell crank Avl RFQ
160D712512-1 1560-01-391-2601 fitting structural Avl RFQ
160D712415-21 1560-01-120-7902 rib airfoil Avl RFQ
160D611617-25 1560-01-553-7639 support structural Avl RFQ
123C10205-501 3040-00-001-1683 connecting link rig Avl RFQ
123LM10101-1 5315-00-267-8918 pin hollow Avl RFQ
A51P20504-13 4730-01-031-3283 adapter straight fl Avl RFQ
525110-1 5307-01-521-8919 stud shouldered Avl RFQ
160D622330-3 1560-01-012-0879 crank assembly aile Avl RFQ
123C12213-501 1560-00-107-9006 bungee assembly Avl RFQ
123L10028-5 4010-01-259-9028 wire rope assembly Avl RFQ
123P60117-5 4730-01-394-0565 clamp hose special Avl RFQ
1128AVP40071 3 1680-00-491-9595 plate assembly pane Avl RFQ
A55B92690-13 1560-01-327-1789 cover access Avl RFQ
128B11346-10 1560-01-300-4761 latch installation Avl RFQ
123CS11955-501 1560-01-213-2201 fairing aircraft Avl RFQ
123EC40177-601 1660-01-529-9729 duct assembly air c Avl RFQ
1128BM42117-13 5340-00-421-4674 hinge access door Avl RFQ
128HM10113-3 1650-00-970-9910 retainer lock cylin Avl RFQ
160D611628-16 1560-01-189-1522 former aircraft Avl RFQ
A51P60706-3 3120-00-171-2204 bearing plain rod e Avl RFQ
A51G30108-11 1560-01-004-1696 plug rain arresting Avl RFQ
A51P60725-11 5306-00-501-9153 bolt shoulder Avl RFQ
A51B52042-1 1560-00-003-6592 fitting leading edg Avl RFQ
123CSM11764-506 1560-01-211-2808 fitting assembly Avl RFQ
A51B92041 14 1560-01-218-5626 bracket right hand Avl RFQ
A51B51064-4 1560-01-272-3381 seal slat interface Avl RFQ
1128EC41174-17 1660-00-482-9307 insulation pipe cov Avl RFQ
160D612606-16 1560-01-516-2912 support structural Avl RFQ
128L10027-1 3040-00-010-8293 connecting link rig Avl RFQ
A51B92291-11 5342-00-006-2211 latch cover pin acc Avl RFQ
160D521117-17 1560-01-021-0393 bell crank Avl RFQ
A51B21766 14 1560-01-232-4336 band gap overning Avl RFQ
123CSM11838-503 1560-01-297-1439 fitting assembly Avl RFQ
123CSM10151-1 5310-00-066-9491 washer tab Avl RFQ
A51B96533-19 1560-00-820-3469 cover rudder hinge Avl RFQ
160D512000-99 5340-01-065-9303 cover access Avl RFQ
160D523120-1 1680-01-015-0848 bell crank Avl RFQ
123BM40126-3 1560-00-939-0191 fitting door hinge Avl RFQ
123AM11005-501 1560-00-171-2248 torque scissor asse Avl RFQ
A51B20253-4 1560-00-148-8762 gap band fairing Avl RFQ
123L40029 601 1620-01-170-7954 rod assembly alight Avl RFQ
A51B15020-3 1560-01-011-0845 strip assembly cano Avl RFQ
123WM10470-5 1560-01-179-6845 fitting assembly wi Avl RFQ
A51M42520-13 5306-00-922-1486 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
1128BM43049-14 5340-01-493-7307 bracket t Avl RFQ
A51B20638-14 1560-01-311-5176 fitting tongue fixe Avl RFQ
123P50630 2995-01-485-1251 housing section oil Avl RFQ
123P60402 5365-01-496-1970 spacer plate Avl RFQ
123CSM10011-501 1560-01-480-5795 rib stiffener aircr Avl RFQ
123SM11004-501 1560-00-172-3950 torque scissor asse Avl RFQ
A51B51052 1 1560-00-868-3680 cover and retainer Avl RFQ
A51B40019-11 1560-01-273-1747 rib airfoil Avl RFQ
A55P6035-15 1560-01-355-3516 fitting structural Avl RFQ
128PM11403-1 1560-00-971-2767 lever throttle Avl RFQ
123CM10060-1 3110-00-167-7592 bearing ball rod en Avl RFQ
123AM42008-3 4010-00-943-1581 wire rope assembly Avl RFQ
160D610103-R9 1560-01-135-5227 fairing aircraft Avl RFQ
123C40219-601 1560-01-186-6513 pushrod assembly Avl RFQ
A51B28504-14 5340-01-236-7277 leaf butt hinge Avl RFQ
128AVP10025-1 1560-00-971-3175 panel landing gear Avl RFQ
123CM12024-505 1680-01-242-7230 arm assembly wing Avl RFQ
123EC51311-5 4520-01-526-5007 adapter air conditi Avl RFQ
1128AV44249 45 7690-01-325-2960 marker identificati Avl RFQ
A51L21079-23 5342-01-042-5284 clamp block Avl RFQ
123CSM11765-505 1560-01-302-5478 fitting assembly Avl RFQ
160D123171-4 1560-01-494-0257 support structural Avl RFQ
1128C40250-1 1640-00-421-4567 wire rope assembly sin Avl RFQ
160D622260-2 1560-01-041-5857 crank assembly Avl RFQ
160D622325-5 1680-01-010-2824 bell crank Avl RFQ
160D960100-3 1560-01-004-0502 link assembly engin Avl RFQ
A51B10514-12 3120-01-284-5795 bushing sleeve Avl RFQ
123AM50006-19 5340-01-579-9402 strap retaining Avl RFQ
160D713504-13 1560-01-129-1828 plate structural ai Avl RFQ
1128LM40610-1 1560-00-238-7051 pin assembly Avl RFQ
1128CE40201-5 1560-00-420-0351 door access aircraf Avl RFQ
160D611608-16 1560-01-067-7626 fitting structural Avl RFQ
123W50100-1 1560-00-316-6088 cover access aircra Avl RFQ
160D123100-3 1680-01-494-0204 bell crank Avl RFQ
A51C11517-11 5315-00-404-0596 pin control stick Avl RFQ
123GSR922-22 1560-01-479-0085 fitting structural Avl RFQ
160D521113-2 1680-01-025-5340 bell crank Avl RFQ
160D612602-33 1560-01-173-6091 former aircraft Avl RFQ
A51B20818-16 1560-01-398-1093 bracket structural Avl RFQ
123B10582-13 5330-01-242-0744 gasket Avl RFQ
128L10027 3040-00-010-8293 connecting link rig Avl RFQ
160D965028-11 5310-01-014-0599 washer Avl RFQ
1128AB40198-14 1560-01-109-0818 support mirror cano Avl RFQ
123C42200-4 1560-01-166-3170 cam assembly flight Avl RFQ
123C10223-501 1680-00-169-7552 push rod assy flt c Avl RFQ
A51F11612-13 5342-00-413-1334 latch support Avl RFQ
123W10086-14 5330-01-314-0807 seal plain Avl RFQ
160D123140-3 1680-01-497-5838 crank shaft assy Avl RFQ
A51B20660 4 1560-01-039-0802 frame assembly fair Avl RFQ
123AV15107-13 5998-01-248-1864 retainer ejector el Avl RFQ

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