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Looking for Bundesamt Fuer NSN parts under the CAGE Code D9477? Look no further than ASAP Aero Supplies, where we have a ready-to-ship inventory of over 6 billion parts, including parts 1892762, VG88709-4-6, KPT15-14A, VG95234G-10SL-3PN, VG95328P20, VG95212 PLUS M22759 32-24-00, 33-05.

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Part Number's List for CAGE Code D9477

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Part Number Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
1892762 connector plug elec 5935-01-059-4013 Avl RFQ
VG88709-4-6 terminal lug 5940-00-143-4775 Avl RFQ
KPT15-14A dummy connector rec 5935-00-947-1036 Avl RFQ
VG95234G-10SL-3PN connector plug elec 5935-12-152-2410 Avl RFQ
VG95328P20 contact electrical 5999-12-154-2247 Avl RFQ
VG95212 PLUS M22759 32-24-00 wire electrical 6145-01-213-5499 Avl RFQ
33-05 die crimping tool 5120-00-116-3276 Avl RFQ
VG95218 1002 wire electrical 6145-01-312-2247 Avl RFQ
45-1608-1 blade set wire stri 5110-01-377-2173 Avl RFQ
371-8508-000 gasket 5330-00-815-6552 Avl RFQ
VG96933T13A037A terminal lug 5940-12-153-7897 Avl RFQ
VG95218 T1000 wire electrical 6145-01-315-0337 Avl RFQ
VG95295B07-1553E8 resistor fixed film 5905-12-326-7747 Avl RFQ
SJTG06RT22-35P014 connector plug elec 5935-01-086-7443 Avl RFQ
VG95387-100 strap tiedown elect 5975-01-048-2922 Avl RFQ
VG95234E1-20A48SN connector plug elec 5935-12-198-9362 Avl RFQ
VG95236-T100 die crimping tool 5120-00-133-0537 Avl RFQ
83-004 gage crimping tool 5220-01-182-1425 Avl RFQ
3-2DIN125STGALZN8C washer flat 5310-12-144-2356 Avl RFQ
VG96912B10 98PN connector receptacl 5935-00-008-7411 Avl RFQ
8.51.02R16-23P-50 connector receptacl 5935-00-999-5114 Avl RFQ
VG95234G-24-12S1N connector plug elec 5935-12-344-1926 Avl RFQ
VG95931-D22X15-W1 clamp loop 5340-12-160-0827 Avl RFQ
VG95218-T1000 wire electrical 6145-01-248-6284 Avl RFQ
VG95328Z1-24 cover electrical co 5935-00-901-1531 Avl RFQ
X102 die crimping tool 5120-00-116-3278 Avl RFQ
MTV 6145-005 K007 wire electrical 6145-12-307-4759 Avl RFQ
KPT15-22A dummy connector rec 5935-00-880-7001 Avl RFQ
VG95343T05A010K insulation sleeving 5970-12-316-3977 Avl RFQ
VG95925FYJB6CB6H00475AP hose assembly nonme 4720-12-345-7445 Avl RFQ
VG95671CM8X30 bolt tee head 5306-12-193-2825 Avl RFQ
G20-2SNVG95234 connector plug elec 5935-12-175-7366 Avl RFQ
VG95218-1002 wire electrical 6145-01-313-9861 Avl RFQ
M22520 6-003 gage crimping tool 5220-01-143-9089 Avl RFQ
VG95218-1002 wire electrical 6145-01-312-2241 Avl RFQ
VG95234E-22-22SN connector plug elec 5935-12-166-0760 Avl RFQ
VG95328H18 32SN connector receptacl 5935-00-134-8577 Avl RFQ
VG95400H40 bumper 5340-12-133-0538 Avl RFQ
VG95234D-32-1PN connector plug elec 5935-12-161-4088 Avl RFQ
VG96912B14-35PA connector receptacl 5935-01-165-9177 Avl RFQ
MIL-C-22520 5 die crimping tool 5120-00-116-3004 Avl RFQ
VG95940HF-H20 flange pipe 4730-12-308-5595 Avl RFQ
VG95218-T1000 wire electrical 6145-00-471-3968 Avl RFQ
T-121351 20-3 wire electrical 6145-01-313-9842 Avl RFQ
H32A69PYVG95234 connector plug elec 5935-12-178-1109 Avl RFQ
VG95328T07A10 gasket 5330-00-717-3750 Avl RFQ
VG95218 T1000 wire electrical 6145-01-255-2751 Avl RFQ
VG95295B07-1485E5 resistor fixed film 5905-12-319-7202 Avl RFQ
H20A48PNVG95234 connector plug elec 5935-12-159-5179 Avl RFQ
CGKG6T18B35SN connector plug elec 5935-01-088-2848 Avl RFQ
MIL-W-81044 12 wire electrical 6145-00-369-3828 Avl RFQ
VG88709-4-1 terminal lug 5940-12-144-9623 Avl RFQ
111271-01 contact electrical 5999-00-402-2545 Avl RFQ
VG95234E1-10SL-3PN connector plug elec 5935-12-199-3087 Avl RFQ
VG95212T022+M25038 3-16-9 wire electrical 6145-01-351-1409 Avl RFQ
VG95218-T1002 wire electrical 6145-01-313-9881 Avl RFQ
VG95234M-14S-6PN connector plug elec 5935-12-180-7152 Avl RFQ
MS3115-10A dummy connector rec 5935-00-947-1035 Avl RFQ
84412-20-2 wire electrical 6145-00-369-3828 Avl RFQ
VG95343T18D004A insulation sleeving 5970-12-308-5080 Avl RFQ
K12-3SNVG95328 connector plug elec 5935-12-178-7677 Avl RFQ
G14S6SNVG95234 connector plug elec 5935-12-154-2226 Avl RFQ
MIL-C-17 cable radio frequen 6145-00-493-4084 Avl RFQ
VG95212T33 M22520-3-1 gage plug plain cyl 5220-00-090-6722 Avl RFQ
L5559 blade set wire stri 5110-01-075-0761 Avl RFQ
VG95931 D15X20 W1 clamp loop 5340-12-159-4283 Avl RFQ
VG88710-16-120 terminal lug 5940-12-153-7904 Avl RFQ
VG95212T33+M22520 3-4 gage crimping tool 5220-01-182-1425 Avl RFQ
VG96933T13A058A terminal lug 5940-12-153-7904 Avl RFQ
VG95234S15S contact electrical 5999-12-154-2227 Avl RFQ
VG88709-6-1 terminal lug 5940-12-144-9875 Avl RFQ
MIL-C-22520 3 gage crimping tool 5220-01-144-0587 Avl RFQ
CECC40101-047SBC2K21FE6 resistor fixed film 5905-12-326-7704 Avl RFQ
B1 20A9SNVG95234 connector receptacl 5935-12-159-5249 Avl RFQ
VG95931-A10X12-W1 clamp loop 5340-12-167-0992 Avl RFQ
VG95218-T1002 wire electrical 6145-01-312-2265 Avl RFQ
VG95363-A20X15-M6X15-NR45ST mount resilient gen 5340-12-338-3560 Avl RFQ
VG95234P500 contact electrical 5999-12-161-5023 Avl RFQ
VG95282T09 battery storage 6140-12-167-2397 Avl RFQ
VG95234H-32A69PX connector plug elec 5935-12-178-1112 Avl RFQ
VG95288BYW53 semiconductor devic 5961-12-187-4711 Avl RFQ
VG95343T05C004A insulation sleeving 5970-12-161-5033 Avl RFQ
VG95931-G158X15-W1 clamp loop 5340-12-177-4707 Avl RFQ
MIL-W-22759 32 wire electrical 6145-01-213-5499 Avl RFQ
E27-10VG88815 adapter fuse 5920-12-127-0911 Avl RFQ
CD5-9 die crimping tool 5120-01-408-3228 Avl RFQ
VG95148C10XM6X100-ST standoff threaded s 5340-12-323-9413 Avl RFQ
59 44-16-7 wire electrical 6145-01-313-9866 Avl RFQ
BR22759 44-24-0 wire electrical 6145-01-312-2250 Avl RFQ
31-E5-56-638-4 wire electrical 6145-01-313-9873 Avl RFQ
M12X1-5DIN935-8GALZNC nut plain castellat 5310-12-167-2490 Avl RFQ
VG95363-B60X45-NR45ST-M10X20 mount resilient 5342-12-312-8842 Avl RFQ
VG95925FCFB5CB5C00450AP hose assembly nonme 4720-12-336-1308 Avl RFQ
MIL-W-22759 44 wire electrical 6145-01-313-9865 Avl RFQ
VG95288BZX55C2V4 semiconductor devic 5961-12-193-4714 Avl RFQ
VG95218-1002 wire electrical 6145-01-313-9876 Avl RFQ
5995-416006 lead electrical 6150-12-156-9116 Avl RFQ
VG95218-1001 wire electrical 6145-01-113-1363 Avl RFQ
VG95343T05B006M insulation sleeving 5970-12-151-4392 Avl RFQ
VG95295B07-1435 resistor fixed film 5905-12-313-3834 Avl RFQ

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