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Request for Quote for Parts Manufactured by CAGE Code 91417

Looking for Harris Llc NSN parts under the CAGE Code 91417? Look no further than ASAP Aero Supplies, where we have a ready-to-ship inventory of over 6 billion parts, including parts CX12481GRQ16V100FT, HM1-034-2, 146248-002, 141431-447, 654P5060-801, C8-B-CR-120DEG, 226282-002.

For quality aircraft components from CAGE code 91417, simply fill out our RFQ form with your information, and we'll take care of the rest. Our dedicated sales representative will respond to your RFQ via email or phone within 15 minutes of receiving your request. At ASAP Aero Supplies, we strive to simplify the part purchasing process for our customers. We implement customer-friendly measures to eliminate the hassle of searching for parts, and we quality-check each and every part to ensure validity. Request a quote today for NSN Parts listed under CAGE Code 91417, and a dedicated account representative will respond within 15 minutes.

Additional Data for CAGE Code 91417

Address :2400 PALM BAY RD NE PALM BAY, FL, 32905-3377 UNITED STATES
Status : A Type : A Woman Owned : N Business Type : N
Business Size : E Primary Business : J CAO Code : S1002A ADP Code : -
Manufacturer: Harris Llc

Part Number's List for CAGE Code 91417

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Part Number Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
CX12481GRQ16V100FT cable assembly powe 5995-00-156-6171 Avl RFQ
HM1-034-2 microcircuit memory 5962-00-350-8431 Avl RFQ
146248-002 label 7690-01-192-0440 Avl RFQ
141431-447 microcircuit digita 5962-01-318-1062 Avl RFQ
654P5060-801 power supply subass 6130-01-107-0134 Avl RFQ
C8-B-CR-120DEG switch thermostatic 5930-00-102-8185 Avl RFQ
226282-002 microcircuit memory 5962-00-323-1133 Avl RFQ
582504-G37 cable assembly spec 5995-01-356-1103 Avl RFQ
427762-G08 circuit card assembly 5998-01-156-4112 Avl RFQ
410988G4 coil radio frequenc 5950-00-280-1434 Avl RFQ
PT08CE22-55SXSR connector plug elec 5935-00-419-3749 Avl RFQ
3284938-102 motordirect current 6105-01-676-1431 Avl RFQ
FA2188-1 filter band pass 5915-01-036-9452 Avl RFQ
SN37866 microcircuit memory 5962-00-323-1111 Avl RFQ
167094-001 microcircuit digital 5962-01-252-0156 Avl RFQ
3911-60465 circuit card assemb 5998-99-376-9076 Avl RFQ
615442G1 monitor message 6625-00-327-4727 Avl RFQ
131165 gearcase motor 3010-01-258-5204 Avl RFQ
LM308D microcircuit linear 5962-01-006-0986 Avl RFQ
311659G05REVA motor direct curren 6105-01-093-0101 Avl RFQ
AM2901BDM-B microcircuit digita 5962-01-146-0797 Avl RFQ
3073446-311 cable assembly spec 6150-01-549-9340 Avl RFQ
127729 heating element ele 4520-01-127-3772 Avl RFQ
SC60D23 semiconductor devic 5961-01-089-7020 Avl RFQ
2012767-002 circuit card assemb 5998-01-485-1275 Avl RFQ
127636 cable assembly radi 5995-01-290-6443 Avl RFQ
3174541-101 antenna group 5985-01-616-3379 Avl RFQ
FA2986 filter band pass 5915-01-223-2972 Avl RFQ
307642 001 connector body plug 5935-00-325-4476 Avl RFQ
569437 G01 circuit card assembly 5998-01-279-7874 Avl RFQ
1126B decommutator signal 7035-01-311-5098 Avl RFQ
146450-001 microcircuit linear 5962-01-181-8924 Avl RFQ
190-1709 integrated circuit 5962-00-456-0214 Avl RFQ
144450-001 resistor variable n 5905-01-034-2579 Avl RFQ
141431-340 microcircuit digita 5962-01-254-7500 Avl RFQ
563530-G01 circuit card assembly 5998-01-156-4115 Avl RFQ
131000-005 microcircuit digita 5962-00-341-0544 Avl RFQ
569463 G01 circuit card assembly 5998-01-262-0008 Avl RFQ
A642S semiconductor devic 5961-00-412-0915 Avl RFQ
106705-201 switch rotary 5930-00-403-2172 Avl RFQ
9304DC microcircuit digita 5962-00-406-6359 Avl RFQ
573684 circuit card assemb 5998-01-365-8267 Avl RFQ
3152352-101 antenna subassembly 5985-01-556-7125 Avl RFQ
205737-2 connector receptacl 5935-01-018-4572 Avl RFQ
HM1-7611-5 microcircuit memory 5962-01-115-9959 Avl RFQ
141429-108 microcircuit digita 5962-01-254-4673 Avl RFQ
522057G01 filter assembly ele 5915-00-211-7060 Avl RFQ
165441-002 connector receptacl 5935-01-235-2111 Avl RFQ
115055-001 microcircuit linear 5962-00-102-7294 Avl RFQ
2013072-106 control antenna 5985-01-549-7989 Avl RFQ
3079525 102 cable assembly radi 5995-01-537-3634 Avl RFQ
198604-SP switch assembly 5930-00-089-3574 Avl RFQ
HR0M1-0512-2BP microcircuit digita 5962-00-161-2827 Avl RFQ
54S182J883B microcircuit digita 5962-01-142-9260 Avl RFQ
260-103-20K resistor variable n 5905-01-080-1345 Avl RFQ
61F10BC103 capacitor fixed pla 5910-00-836-8899 Avl RFQ
SN37876 microcircuit memory 5962-00-321-1836 Avl RFQ
118960-003 microcircuit digita 5962-01-232-5903 Avl RFQ
164411-001 microcircuit digita 5962-01-279-3302 Avl RFQ
10535-0720-B17 cable assembly spec 5995-01-470-2728 Avl RFQ
3073496 cable special purpo 6145-01-550-1141 Avl RFQ
141431-424 microcircuit digita 5962-01-254-7533 Avl RFQ
375687-1 fan tubeaxial 4140-00-011-9444 Avl RFQ
567643-076 circuit card assembly 5998-01-254-3448 Avl RFQ
DAM15PC33 connector receptacl 5935-00-624-4922 Avl RFQ
RNC50J1213FS resistor fixed film 5905-01-033-5207 Avl RFQ
146461-001 attenuator variable 5985-01-175-1878 Avl RFQ
111070-034 capacitor fixed mic 5910-01-021-5288 Avl RFQ
131-1021 light indicator 6210-00-456-3034 Avl RFQ
KN-59-90 connector plug elec 5935-01-179-4779 Avl RFQ
118997-001 microcircuit digita 5962-01-194-3829 Avl RFQ
431242-001 heat sink electrical electronic component 5999-01-193-7337 Avl RFQ
5189329 washer flat 5310-00-133-4598 Avl RFQ
HA1248 microcircuit digita 5962-00-146-3552 Avl RFQ
567643-071 circuit card assembly 5998-01-254-3446 Avl RFQ
143910-049 microcircuit digital 5962-01-323-0604 Avl RFQ
3144540-301 converter 5v po 1680-01-620-5441 Avl RFQ
SC260D3 semiconductor devic 5961-01-089-7020 Avl RFQ
B-4014387 amplifier radio fre 5996-01-120-3425 Avl RFQ
3232756-101 case antenna 5985-01-651-1725 Avl RFQ
625414-G01 electronic components assembly 5998-01-156-9690 Avl RFQ
RDH-1.3M2018170 421-09 cover access 5340-01-575-4022 Avl RFQ
035-0001-114 contact electrical 5999-00-320-6653 Avl RFQ
141431-358 microcircuit digital 5962-01-254-7526 Avl RFQ
210-1006 switch slide 5930-00-458-3402 Avl RFQ
DBU-25P-BG connector receptacl 5935-01-018-4572 Avl RFQ
RM30-136 microcircuit memory 5962-00-148-2887 Avl RFQ
SR4TTK25ST60LG21 bearing ball annula 3110-01-093-3173 Avl RFQ
98-00-0413 circuit card assemb 5998-01-172-0323 Avl RFQ
141431-274 microcircuit digita 5962-01-255-1461 Avl RFQ
T700019A cable assemblyribbonelectrical 6150-01-676-1125 Avl RFQ
146443-001 microcircuit linear 5962-01-176-6677 Avl RFQ
104215-044 lamp cartridge 6240-00-140-4184 Avl RFQ
162989 001 conduit nonmetallic 5975-01-266-2860 Avl RFQ
3209522-101 power supply 6120-01-652-5808 Avl RFQ
3172414-101 mounting assy paa 6120-01-574-4541 Avl RFQ
147762-001 connector plug elec 5935-01-179-5142 Avl RFQ
115210-001 semiconductor devic 5961-00-412-0915 Avl RFQ
190-1107 integrated circuit 5962-00-456-0218 Avl RFQ
117161-001 capacitor fixed cer 5910-00-001-2991 Avl RFQ

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