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Additional Data for CAGE Code 6Z538

Address :551 N PIKE E SUMTER, SC, 29153-3600 UNITED STATES
Status : A Type : A Woman Owned : N Business Type : N
Business Size : A Primary Business : J CAO Code : S1103A ADP Code : -

Manufacturer for CAGE Code 6Z538

Part Number's List for CAGE Code 6Z538

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Part Number Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
215-096-010 starter motor 6110-01-529-0123 Avl RFQ
259-04-010 light indicator 6210-01-509-1802 Avl RFQ
215-512-010 REV panel power distrib 6110-01-509-1916 Avl RFQ
215-067-010 REV A starter motor 6110-01-503-4531 Avl RFQ
215-364-010 FIND 054 light indicator 6210-01-507-5083 Avl RFQ
215-108-010 starter motor 6110-01-503-4565 Avl RFQ
PL215-131-010 controller motor 6110-01-528-8990 Avl RFQ
215 532 010 REV B controller motor 6110-01-506-7639 Avl RFQ
PL491-02-010 LINE ITEM 77 synchronizer electr 6625-01-566-8032 Avl RFQ
PL215-102-010 controller motor 6110-01-525-3972 Avl RFQ
PL215-115-010 REV B FN 133 switch push 5930-01-502-6200 Avl RFQ
PL491-02-010 REV AE LINE ITEM 9 circuit breaker 5925-01-676-8334 Avl RFQ
215 133 013 REV B starter motor 6110-01-502-7310 Avl RFQ
PL215-186-010 controller motor 6110-01-544-0054 Avl RFQ
215-009-010 starter motor 6110-01-523-9592 Avl RFQ
215-528-010 REV A panel power distrib 6110-01-507-0106 Avl RFQ
215-522-010 panel power distrib 6110-01-507-0095 Avl RFQ
TSXSUP1051 power supply 6130-01-511-2314 Avl RFQ
9080GP6B terminal junction b 5940-01-567-9448 Avl RFQ
215-127-010 REV B FN 193 switch push 5930-01-507-1171 Avl RFQ
215-338-020 controllermotor 6110-01-688-2432 Avl RFQ
215 018 010 starter motor 6110-01-502-7308 Avl RFQ
PL215-407-010 REV A FIND 335 contactormagnetic 6110-01-680-7490 Avl RFQ
PL215-190-010 REV B controller motor 6110-01-526-9773 Avl RFQ
PL215-141-010 controller motor 6110-01-528-5881 Avl RFQ
215-351-010 REV E controller motor 6110-01-506-5098 Avl RFQ
215-637-010 REV D distribution box 6110-01-518-9180 Avl RFQ
215-126-020 controller motor 6110-01-592-9164 Avl RFQ
PL215-110-010 REV B FN 130 switch push 5930-01-502-6215 Avl RFQ
PL215-307-010 FN 176 terminal junction b 5940-01-503-0370 Avl RFQ
215-636-010 REV B distribution box 6110-01-518-2935 Avl RFQ
215 004 013 REV A starter motor 6110-01-502-0511 Avl RFQ
TYPE WA1 starter motor 6110-01-507-0116 Avl RFQ
PL491-02-020 REV B LINE ITEM 9 circuit breaker 5925-01-676-8334 Avl RFQ
373 02 010 REV controller motor 6110-01-512-1261 Avl RFQ
PL215-111-010 REV E controller motor 6110-01-527-0444 Avl RFQ
PL215-014-020 controller motor 6110-01-592-9155 Avl RFQ
PL236-01-010 FN switch rotary 5930-01-513-1949 Avl RFQ
PL215-097-010 controller motor 6110-01-525-3968 Avl RFQ
215-379-013 REV A controller motor 6110-01-503-0839 Avl RFQ
863-000567 bracket multiple an 5340-01-481-3314 Avl RFQ
PL215-017-010 REV B FN 161 relay electromagnet 5945-01-506-7739 Avl RFQ
215-340-010 controller motor 6110-01-501-9544 Avl RFQ
6981ED175 switch assembly 5930-01-513-1898 Avl RFQ
PL215-065-020 controller motor 6110-01-592-9138 Avl RFQ
215-177-010 REV B FN 143 switch rotary 5930-01-502-5941 Avl RFQ
215-153-010 controller motor 6110-01-528-9098 Avl RFQ
215-111-010 controller motor 6110-01-527-0444 Avl RFQ
215-511-010 panel power distrib 6110-01-509-1442 Avl RFQ
PL215-635-010 REV B distribution box 6110-01-512-1265 Avl RFQ
PL215-327-010 FIND 79 marker strip termin 5940-01-585-6017 Avl RFQ
PL259-03-010 controller motor 6110-01-511-8808 Avl RFQ
215-135-010 controller motor 6110-01-526-9897 Avl RFQ
215-369-010 controller motor 6110-01-528-8019 Avl RFQ
491-02-010 monitor voltage deviation 6110-01-566-7845 Avl RFQ
TYPE F4 controller motor 6110-01-504-0512 Avl RFQ
TYPE DA3 controller motor 6110-01-503-8980 Avl RFQ
215-332-010 controller motor 6110-01-501-9558 Avl RFQ
PL215-627-010 REV A distribution box 6110-01-511-2374 Avl RFQ
PL215-320-010 REV A FIND 141 light indicator 6210-01-503-3939 Avl RFQ
6981ED166-1639 light indicator 6210-01-503-8261 Avl RFQ
PL215-032-010 REV A controller motor 6110-01-503-9330 Avl RFQ
PL215-370-010 starter motor 6110-01-529-0090 Avl RFQ
6991ED27-B1A1 frequency divider m 5963-01-507-0020 Avl RFQ
215 122 010 controller motor 6110-01-526-5562 Avl RFQ
TYPE X4 starter motor 6110-01-516-6174 Avl RFQ
PL215-028-010 REV B FN 157 control interlock 5930-01-503-2088 Avl RFQ
215-320-010 REV B starter motor 6110-01-503-3547 Avl RFQ
PL215 165 010 controller motor 6110-01-525-1250 Avl RFQ
215-804-010 contactor magnetic 6110-01-506-0595 Avl RFQ
TYPE 1A2 controller motor 6110-01-506-5909 Avl RFQ
215-057-010 REV C controller motor 6110-01-511-2494 Avl RFQ
215-075-010 REV A starter motor 6110-01-503-4553 Avl RFQ
215-320-013 REV A starter motor 6110-01-503-3547 Avl RFQ
215-538-010 REV B controller motor 6110-01-506-7632 Avl RFQ
PL215-638-010 REV B distribution box 6110-01-518-9126 Avl RFQ
PL215-512-010 FN.35 power supply 6130-01-512-1151 Avl RFQ
6981ED172-17P switch assembly 5930-01-508-0422 Avl RFQ
PL215-364-010 REV D FN 017 switch push 5930-01-507-7371 Avl RFQ
PL235-01-010 FN 13 switch push 5930-01-513-2329 Avl RFQ
259-04-010 light indicator 6210-01-509-1800 Avl RFQ
215-714-010 light assembly indi 6210-01-513-4841 Avl RFQ
TYPE 3B2 starter motor 6110-01-503-4555 Avl RFQ
PL215-500-005 FIND 53 light indicator 6210-01-509-1854 Avl RFQ
PL491-02-010 REV AE LINE ITM 155 nrp gen protective 5920-01-599-1559 Avl RFQ
PL491-02-010 LINE ITEM 74 transformer potenti 5950-01-155-8736 Avl RFQ
80-8493-3 terminal junction b 5940-01-472-7165 Avl RFQ
PL215-184-010 controller motor 6110-01-526-9888 Avl RFQ
215-088-010 controller motor 6110-01-528-8064 Avl RFQ
PL215-107-010 controller motor 6110-01-525-4263 Avl RFQ
PL373-01-010 REV controller motor 6110-01-513-3354 Avl RFQ
6981ED165 REV KT switch push 5930-01-507-7371 Avl RFQ
PL215-346-010 controller motor 6110-01-530-1636 Avl RFQ
PL215-507-010 REV D FN36 interface unit auto 7025-01-507-3063 Avl RFQ
PL215-128-010 controller motor 6110-01-528-8937 Avl RFQ
215-017-013 REV B starter motor 6110-01-502-7289 Avl RFQ
6967ED530PC12 terminal junction b 5940-01-472-7165 Avl RFQ
215-532-010 controller motor 6110-01-506-7639 Avl RFQ
PL491-01-010 LINE ITEM 72 transformer power 5950-01-475-5389 Avl RFQ
PL491-02-010 LINE ITEM 86 terminal junction b 5940-01-567-9080 Avl RFQ

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