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Additional Data for CAGE Code 21444

Address :3001 W CANAL ST MILWAUKEE, WI, 53208-4222 UNITED STATES
Status : A Type : A Woman Owned : N Business Type : N
Business Size : E Primary Business : J CAO Code : S1403A ADP Code : HQ0339

Manufacturer for CAGE Code 21444

Part Number's List for CAGE Code 21444

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Part Number Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
DD692S4200-49PC156 bearing assy sleeve 2010-00-338-7545 Avl RFQ
SKF22219C-W33 bearing plain spher 3120-01-121-6182 Avl RFQ
246703 packing preformed 5330-00-467-9629 Avl RFQ
758252 coupling spring gri 4320-00-950-7197 Avl RFQ
800322-82 key machine 5315-00-198-5155 Avl RFQ
927043 o ring 5331-00-872-5013 Avl RFQ
0789008 coupling boss 4730-01-513-3977 Avl RFQ
2105216 ITEM 15 gear ring 3020-01-293-3331 Avl RFQ
431433 bearing ball annula 3110-01-337-7113 Avl RFQ
14561P389 gridmember coupling 3010-00-267-4955 Avl RFQ
2906137 gasket 5330-01-297-3020 Avl RFQ
801083A spacer clutch 5365-00-213-0676 Avl RFQ
914016 plug pipe 4730-01-595-0237 Avl RFQ
927094 o ring 5331-01-348-3317 Avl RFQ
800918PC34 washer key 5310-00-186-0975 Avl RFQ
8FPT4 gridmember coupling 3010-00-267-4959 Avl RFQ
94402PC58 washer key 5310-00-186-0965 Avl RFQ
11651 key steam turbine 5315-00-967-3446 Avl RFQ
327139 hub flexible coupli 3010-01-099-6991 Avl RFQ
912755 retainer seal 5330-00-471-3843 Avl RFQ
800758PC800758E bearing roller self 3110-00-158-7348 Avl RFQ
906307 lockwasher 5999-01-159-6281 Avl RFQ
2921010 indicator sight liq 6680-01-512-6765 Avl RFQ
1227581 bearing dummy 3110-01-297-1029 Avl RFQ
CA16182 coupling shaft flex 3010-01-435-7256 Avl RFQ
0744995 bushing sleeve 3120-01-451-4647 Avl RFQ
1205500 gear set worm and w 3020-01-594-7808 Avl RFQ
216518 bearing half sleeve 3120-00-056-2400 Avl RFQ
246675 cover access 5340-01-421-0586 Avl RFQ
414080 ITEM 36 seal plain 5330-01-297-8182 Avl RFQ
2130Y2-S gear assembly speed 3010-01-014-5886 Avl RFQ
2107093 ITEM 26 bearing roller thru 3110-01-338-5031 Avl RFQ
CA122S4200-309809PC125T0127 coupling reduction 2010-00-379-3307 Avl RFQ
G6543PC81 bearing shell 2010-00-391-5845 Avl RFQ
323618 3CB4-333 4-20-7AB-8 o ring 5331-01-265-6982 Avl RFQ
226742 gear helical 3020-00-529-2237 Avl RFQ
509994 plate mounting 5340-01-594-5136 Avl RFQ
20321375-05 coupling shaft flex 3010-00-244-9348 Avl RFQ
301324-94-95 bearing sleeve 3120-00-339-4363 Avl RFQ
800606PC101-102 bearing shell 3120-00-389-7062 Avl RFQ
H7689PC41 shaft low speed 2010-00-508-4649 Avl RFQ
103072 deflector dirt and 2825-00-056-2413 Avl RFQ
222598 gasket 5330-00-250-9622 Avl RFQ
800274PC630-631 bearing shell 3120-00-389-7084 Avl RFQ
762626 eyelet metallic 5325-01-359-0156 Avl RFQ
800703PC142-143 bearing washer thru 3120-00-389-7088 Avl RFQ
315522 AND 315971 gear worm wheel 3020-00-300-6483 Avl RFQ
CRSA509414 seal plain encased 5330-00-114-2094 Avl RFQ
800962PC800766F boot power transmis 2520-00-317-2755 Avl RFQ
3F2736-79 washer key 5310-00-186-0967 Avl RFQ
D1771-131 AND D drum reverse clutch 2010-00-213-0585 Avl RFQ
322762 bearing sleeve 3120-00-564-6998 Avl RFQ
912519 connection air 2010-00-709-6115 Avl RFQ
800323-119 gearshaft spur 3040-00-385-9474 Avl RFQ
739762 spring special 5360-01-283-5399 Avl RFQ
333-134 REF 1AC3-4 gear worm 3020-01-307-7790 Avl RFQ
409117-10 seal plain encased 5330-00-934-0080 Avl RFQ
800524PC58 gearshaft helical 3040-00-337-1018 Avl RFQ
801049PC142-143 bearing washer thru 3120-00-389-7088 Avl RFQ
227841 gear helical 3020-00-540-1256 Avl RFQ
800758J bearing roller cyli 3110-00-158-7329 Avl RFQ
800777M nut plain hexagon 5310-00-017-4515 Avl RFQ
W64AS key steam turbine 5315-00-967-3446 Avl RFQ
0753335 gearshaft helical 3040-01-298-9489 Avl RFQ
2539 oil seal 2010-00-349-7246 Avl RFQ
12926A nut plain round 5310-00-185-6460 Avl RFQ
0789002 hub coupling flexib 3010-01-626-6736 Avl RFQ
10820 seal plain encased 5330-00-222-2454 Avl RFQ
1203290 gasket 5330-01-220-7582 Avl RFQ
324797 coupling shaft rigi 3010-01-205-2170 Avl RFQ
D2-8101PC32 wrench spanner 5120-00-473-4484 Avl RFQ
800373-157 bearing shell 3110-00-391-5860 Avl RFQ
DWG503082-42 falk retaining ring 5330-01-301-3437 Avl RFQ
1155731 nipple pipe 4730-01-595-0885 Avl RFQ
90T10 coupling shaft flex 3010-00-826-8870 Avl RFQ
313-230 REFERENCE 100 shim 5365-01-267-9229 Avl RFQ
2105216 ITEM 98 seal 5330-01-297-1023 Avl RFQ
1217317 gasket 5330-01-276-8479 Avl RFQ
235157 gasket 5330-00-851-1966 Avl RFQ
7CM1246X1624 1D coupling shaft flex 3010-00-529-1613 Avl RFQ
105GV10 coupling shaft flex 3010-01-071-0584 Avl RFQ
SKFW08 washer key 5310-00-186-0967 Avl RFQ
0700213PC178 stud plain 5307-00-473-3976 Avl RFQ
300196PC54 nut plain round 5310-00-185-6462 Avl RFQ
333126PC19 parts kit seal repl 5330-01-528-0742 Avl RFQ
919207 bearing ball annula 3110-00-679-4692 Avl RFQ
504673 PIECE 21 spacer and sprayer 2825-01-198-8673 Avl RFQ
7205 pin bearing 5315-00-393-5693 Avl RFQ
800940PC123 extension splined s 3010-00-338-3405 Avl RFQ
1070T10 coupling shaft flex 3010-00-469-7066 Avl RFQ
800812-150 bearing shell 3110-00-213-0314 Avl RFQ
HC2693K44 piston valve 4820-00-036-2745 Avl RFQ
246686 gridmember coupling 3010-00-933-0972 Avl RFQ
800271PC630 631 bearing shell 3120-00-389-7084 Avl RFQ
C95-151 coupling shaft flexible 3010-00-870-4020 Avl RFQ
3CB4-3334-20-56 gasket 5330-01-209-0519 Avl RFQ
401985PC28-29 bearing shell 3120-00-389-7074 Avl RFQ
251674 hub pump 3040-01-153-1495 Avl RFQ
7D8-05388 insert flexible cou 3010-01-470-3657 Avl RFQ
0800066PC38 washer key 5310-00-186-0967 Avl RFQ

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