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Additional Data for CAGE Code 20049

Status : R Type : A Woman Owned : N Business Type : N
Business Size : A Primary Business : J CAO Code : S3915A ADP Code : HQ0337

Manufacturer for CAGE Code 20049

Part Number's List for CAGE Code 20049

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Part Number Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
MB4221-1PC85 resistor variable w 5905-00-632-2980 Avl RFQ
2156PC57 disc with wheel 6320-00-468-3296 Avl RFQ
C649 PIECE 5 pin spring 5315-01-268-9501 Avl RFQ
11000 meter arbitrary sca 6625-00-504-0897 Avl RFQ
DB41 indicator electrica 6680-01-219-1199 Avl RFQ
M1200-KBM coil electrical 5950-01-243-3366 Avl RFQ
2A3T transmitter propell 6320-00-223-0483 Avl RFQ
1129E01-167 magneto ignition 2920-01-359-5718 Avl RFQ
2154ALSPC36 contact electrical 5999-00-468-3241 Avl RFQ
MIL-P-15554 indicator electrica 6680-00-225-7009 Avl RFQ
4007 capacitor fixed pap 5910-00-112-7161 Avl RFQ
2154ALP68 bearing ball annula 3110-00-108-9332 Avl RFQ
4N55NA indicator angle 6320-01-286-7535 Avl RFQ
91-0931 lens light 6210-00-958-7416 Avl RFQ
2154ALPC55 differential unit 6680-00-468-3237 Avl RFQ
2162LPC39 sprocket wheel 3020-00-468-3167 Avl RFQ
2179HL16PC61 spring helical comp 5360-00-468-3200 Avl RFQ
2266LITEM25 rotor generator 6115-00-295-2559 Avl RFQ
B1792-RET1 meter time totalizi 6645-01-180-3792 Avl RFQ
S2661B motor alternating c 6105-00-548-2901 Avl RFQ
N2002-1 PC6 7 shaft shouldered 3040-01-051-2244 Avl RFQ
RET-45 dial 5355-01-186-1079 Avl RFQ
4L91 lens assembly indic 6320-01-224-0063 Avl RFQ
RA4T transmitter rudder 6320-00-089-9425 Avl RFQ
D370 PIECE R11 resistor fixed wire 5905-01-239-0734 Avl RFQ
435-6505-519225ALT1PC13 meter special scale 6625-00-504-0896 Avl RFQ
K1685 gear worm 3020-01-107-4096 Avl RFQ
2179HL2PC61 spring helical comp 5360-00-468-3200 Avl RFQ
4028 bearing ball annula 3110-00-144-8499 Avl RFQ
PR3201-1 brush set electrica 5977-00-312-3916 Avl RFQ
2258SLITEM40 reactor 5950-00-175-3164 Avl RFQ
PK2001-1 PC 31 gear spur 3020-01-028-9339 Avl RFQ
K1449 bushing sleeve 3120-01-267-1752 Avl RFQ
S6505-31260011 indicator electrica 6680-00-358-1973 Avl RFQ
M1245 magnet magneto 5340-01-488-9419 Avl RFQ
N2002-1PC6ANDPC7 shaft shouldered 3040-01-051-2244 Avl RFQ
M1211 screw machine 5305-01-340-1520 Avl RFQ
PK4301-1 PC 39 ring retaining 5325-00-720-8064 Avl RFQ
1C1UA01-3 indicator ships en 6320-01-052-2118 Avl RFQ
K1385 gear spur 3020-01-064-7324 Avl RFQ
1213A7CPC460 gasket 5330-00-793-6825 Avl RFQ
5L16 lampholder 6250-00-283-9741 Avl RFQ
DL13200-1 2D3D dummy transmitter s 6320-00-224-1849 Avl RFQ
PR3408-1PC81 bearing washer thru 3120-01-057-4235 Avl RFQ
4L205C pointer dial 5355-01-264-4564 Avl RFQ
2179HL5PC103 spring helical tors 5360-00-468-3201 Avl RFQ
4L244 cover underwater lo 6605-01-155-4037 Avl RFQ
3A3N indicator transmitt 6320-00-222-1468 Avl RFQ
U4G-2 gasket 5330-01-173-3428 Avl RFQ
K133 gear spur 3020-01-094-5265 Avl RFQ
PR3408-1PC95 gear cluster 3020-01-089-7345 Avl RFQ
2179HLPC61 spring helical comp 5360-00-468-3200 Avl RFQ
1014 packing material 5330-00-468-3172 Avl RFQ
U4GB PIECE 7 o ring 5331-01-368-7482 Avl RFQ
9L83 resistor variable w 5905-00-632-2980 Avl RFQ
S6505-3100269PC112 clutch assembly fri 3010-00-343-1655 Avl RFQ
D425 tachometer electron 6680-01-266-7285 Avl RFQ
N2002-1 IC4BG20-3 transmitter rudder 6320-00-238-9973 Avl RFQ
1005 gear worm 3020-00-468-3161 Avl RFQ
2162L3PC36 contact electrical 5999-00-468-3158 Avl RFQ
MB4211 1 PIECE 83 spring helical comp 5360-01-266-4920 Avl RFQ
2K6-PC-75 gear worm 3020-01-301-1235 Avl RFQ
6872156 generator tachomete 6680-00-036-6301 Avl RFQ
K139 gear helical 3020-01-064-7323 Avl RFQ
11T2554L indicator electrica 6680-00-240-5549 Avl RFQ
A2716 push button 5930-01-397-6445 Avl RFQ
3A81X gear assembly 6680-00-314-1885 Avl RFQ
126-809 connector plug elec 5935-00-683-1402 Avl RFQ
S3821 ring electrical con 5977-00-644-5464 Avl RFQ
U8G3 indicator electrica 6680-01-305-4021 Avl RFQ
DL13200-1M0DEL2D3D dummy transmitter s 6320-00-224-1849 Avl RFQ
IC BRN3-X indicator electrica 6680-01-368-6554 Avl RFQ
M1200APC20 o ring 5331-00-579-7927 Avl RFQ
10-1437 indicator angle 6320-00-360-1301 Avl RFQ
A3800 heat sink electrica 5999-01-239-7817 Avl RFQ
2A96 window dial 5355-01-064-5361 Avl RFQ
4A14N indicator electrica 6680-00-358-1863 Avl RFQ
50-10B-10 connector receptacl 5935-01-179-4654 Avl RFQ
2D154 bearing ball annula 3110-00-198-2357 Avl RFQ
U4G-3 gasket 5330-01-368-7265 Avl RFQ
DL-13200-1 PIECE 33 gear helical 3020-01-157-4391 Avl RFQ
IC4URN4Y4A3IN indicator electrica 6680-00-225-7009 Avl RFQ
1849D1D9564R indicator electrica 6680-00-360-1297 Avl RFQ
RHS2K5 resistor variable w 5905-01-453-4300 Avl RFQ
DB14-13 generator tachomete 6680-01-189-1598 Avl RFQ
S6505-3182295RUD indicator angle 6320-00-360-1301 Avl RFQ
S6505-3218958 transmitter propell 6320-00-553-8427 Avl RFQ
DB144 tachometer electric 6680-01-018-6394 Avl RFQ
63X0087 seal plain 5330-01-400-2165 Avl RFQ
PR2009 1 PIECE 46 bearing sleeve 3120-01-280-6576 Avl RFQ
11002AND11003 connector assembly 5935-00-377-6899 Avl RFQ
2162L3PC26 lever friction 6680-00-468-3291 Avl RFQ
6505-3129812PC13 terminal board 5940-00-799-1435 Avl RFQ
233-2APC192 shaft 6320-00-908-6841 Avl RFQ
Y158 capacitor fixed pap 5910-00-405-4018 Avl RFQ
S2616 gear worm wheel 3020-00-075-0416 Avl RFQ
PK2001-1 PIECE 22 bearing sleeve 3120-01-028-9517 Avl RFQ
DL13200 1 gear set spur match 3020-01-165-9223 Avl RFQ
RET-27 gear spur 3020-01-180-1064 Avl RFQ
3023 sleeve screw shaft 6680-00-512-0178 Avl RFQ

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