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Looking for Agfa Corporation NSN parts under the CAGE Code 1MVW0? Look no further than ASAP Aero Supplies, where we have a ready-to-ship inventory of over 6 billion parts, including parts 8.9432.1110.4, BROVIRA SPEED 310 RC, 3J3HZ, 7.9462.4315.0, CM 9521026200, 27K58, 28XBD.

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Additional Data for CAGE Code 1MVW0

Status : A Type : F Woman Owned : N Business Type : N
Business Size : A Primary Business : N CAO Code : S3101A ADP Code : HQ0337

Manufacturer for CAGE Code 1MVW0

Part Number's List for CAGE Code 1MVW0

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Part Number Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
8.9432.1110.4 valve globe 4820-01-361-7818 Avl RFQ
BROVIRA SPEED 310 RC paper photographic 6750-01-379-1766 Avl RFQ
3J3HZ film radiographic 6635-01-428-3454 Avl RFQ
7.9462.4315.0 heating element ele 4540-01-361-7813 Avl RFQ
CM 9521026200 housing liquid pump 4320-01-549-4217 Avl RFQ
27K58 film radiographic 6635-01-428-3375 Avl RFQ
28XBD film radiographic 6635-01-428-3381 Avl RFQ
LAAA4000 developer photograp 6750-01-488-4962 Avl RFQ
CM+9510545700 roller x ray proces 6545-01-549-4205 Avl RFQ
5GYFV bleach photographic 6750-01-488-4854 Avl RFQ
COPYLINE G185C developer photograp 6750-01-417-7465 Avl RFQ
7.9462.1214.0 gear worm 3020-01-361-7847 Avl RFQ
9.9462.1218.0 gear worm 3020-01-361-7848 Avl RFQ
CM 9043083030 motor stepping 6105-01-549-4225 Avl RFQ
CM+9512075200 pump medical equipm 6545-01-549-7783 Avl RFQ
5C3EC replenisher develop 6750-01-488-4807 Avl RFQ
B3S9D fixing bath kit pho 6750-01-384-7085 Avl RFQ
5DE9K paper photographic 6750-01-488-4734 Avl RFQ
8.8370.2615.0 pump unit reciproca 4320-01-361-7827 Avl RFQ
DAYREX PX10 film photographic 6750-01-424-4514 Avl RFQ
FVOB6000 developer photograp 6750-01-488-4961 Avl RFQ
3JSKW film radiographic 6635-01-428-3466 Avl RFQ
EE7G0320 film radiographic 6635-01-399-2501 Avl RFQ
LHQ5E film radiographic 6635-01-428-3504 Avl RFQ
5DG9S paper photographic 6750-01-488-4727 Avl RFQ
2PL YV film radiographic 6635-01-428-3447 Avl RFQ
5DHAW paper photographic 6750-01-488-4729 Avl RFQ
FLV6D000 hardener photograph 6750-01-488-4983 Avl RFQ
6545-03-L00-2003 heating element ele 4540-01-361-7813 Avl RFQ
RADIOGRAPHIC NDT 70 film radiographic 6635-01-428-3449 Avl RFQ
3AN9T film radiographic 6635-01-428-3409 Avl RFQ
3ANT9 film radiographic 6635-01-428-3409 Avl RFQ
EE5H0545 film radiographic 6635-01-419-7867 Avl RFQ
EZOH0400 film feeder 6635-01-398-4673 Avl RFQ
3J1BE film radiographic 6635-01-428-3427 Avl RFQ
6545-03-L00-2003 gear worm 3020-01-361-7847 Avl RFQ
3J34A film radiographic 6635-01-428-3453 Avl RFQ
RAPITONE M-1 paper photographic 6750-01-416-8068 Avl RFQ
3J1CG film radiographic 6635-01-428-3429 Avl RFQ
5D15U bleach photographic 6750-01-488-4851 Avl RFQ
3EZJQ film radiographic 6635-01-428-3424 Avl RFQ
EEJH0465 film radiographic 6635-01-428-3507 Avl RFQ
377GZ000 developer photograp 6750-01-488-4993 Avl RFQ
9.9462.1354.1 gear worm 3020-01-361-7849 Avl RFQ
6545-03-L00-2003 gear spur 3020-01-361-7843 Avl RFQ
8.9432.1070.4 valve globe 4820-01-361-7817 Avl RFQ
B8KYZ replenisher develop 6750-01-488-4806 Avl RFQ
3QLNX film radiographic 6635-01-428-3531 Avl RFQ
F-27-P film radiographic 6635-01-286-7540 Avl RFQ
280KR film radiographic 6635-01-428-3363 Avl RFQ
B1KPR developer kit photo 6750-01-416-8476 Avl RFQ
3DGW3 film radiographic 6635-01-428-3405 Avl RFQ
LHQ8L film radiographic 6635-01-428-3456 Avl RFQ
29MJP film radiographic 6635-01-428-3436 Avl RFQ
B7N7M paper photographic 6750-01-426-9223 Avl RFQ
5DL3W paper photographic 6750-01-488-4774 Avl RFQ
5GJKB bleach photographic 6750-01-488-4817 Avl RFQ
3J4BR film radiographic 6635-01-428-3456 Avl RFQ
3JSLY film radiographic 6635-01-428-3458 Avl RFQ
5GYZ1 bleach photographic 6750-01-488-4836 Avl RFQ
LXW7V fixing bath photogr 6750-01-461-5240 Avl RFQ
B8923 paper photographic 6750-01-379-1766 Avl RFQ
5DEVR paper photographic 6750-01-488-4205 Avl RFQ
3J2M4 film radiographic 6635-01-428-3492 Avl RFQ
3AOBZ film radiographic 6635-01-428-3400 Avl RFQ
5DEYX paper photographic 6750-01-488-4699 Avl RFQ
27J78 film radiographic 6635-01-428-3374 Avl RFQ
6545-03-L00-2003 pump unit reciproca 4320-01-361-7827 Avl RFQ
5DHE5 paper photographic 6750-01-488-4733 Avl RFQ
3AG6W film radiographic 6635-01-428-3455 Avl RFQ
F7SBC film photographic 6750-01-424-4514 Avl RFQ
5DH5O paper photographic 6750-01-488-4201 Avl RFQ
5G217 chemical kit photog 6750-01-488-4780 Avl RFQ
3U49D film radiographic 6635-01-428-3539 Avl RFQ
5DEQG paper photographic 6750-01-488-4753 Avl RFQ
CM+952706830 bearing sleeve 3120-01-549-4199 Avl RFQ
28XKU film radiographic 6635-01-428-3413 Avl RFQ
3LL1J film radiographic 6635-01-428-3486 Avl RFQ
CM+9521026603 housing liquid pump 4320-01-549-4217 Avl RFQ
CM+9521081400 bolt machine 5306-01-549-4232 Avl RFQ
29L6W film radiographic 6635-01-428-3389 Avl RFQ
B8KVT replenisher develop 6750-01-488-4802 Avl RFQ
FWXRF000 developer photograp 6750-01-417-6648 Avl RFQ
3JS3Z film radiographic 6635-01-428-3507 Avl RFQ
5DG5K paper photographic 6750-01-488-4712 Avl RFQ
CM+9520051601 roller x ray proces 6545-01-549-4210 Avl RFQ
9.9432.2025.1 gear spur 3020-01-361-7843 Avl RFQ
37XCO000 film photographic 6750-01-488-4928 Avl RFQ
2P6AW film radiographic 6635-01-428-3446 Avl RFQ
5DJHG paper photographic 6750-01-488-4193 Avl RFQ
3J38J film radiographic 6635-01-428-3441 Avl RFQ
CM+9510053850 roller x ray proces 6545-01-549-4208 Avl RFQ
5GYWU developer photograp 6750-01-488-4849 Avl RFQ
EEJG 0225 film radiographic 6635-01-283-0417 Avl RFQ
CM+9512142801 clutch assy x ray p 6545-01-549-4195 Avl RFQ
3K61P film radiographic 6635-01-428-3517 Avl RFQ
5CBGB bleach photographic 6750-01-488-4846 Avl RFQ
8.9432.1090.4 valve globe 4820-01-361-7819 Avl RFQ
EEJH0546 film radiographic 6635-01-395-2601 Avl RFQ
5FEHG paper photographic 6750-01-426-9187 Avl RFQ

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