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Additional Data for CAGE Code 17062

Address :341 KING ST MYERSTOWN, PA, 17067-2526, 187 UNITED STATES
Status : F Type : A Woman Owned : N Business Type : H
Business Size : A Primary Business : J CAO Code : S4201A ADP Code : HQ0337

Manufacturer for CAGE Code 17062

Part Number's List for CAGE Code 17062

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Part Number Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
D2440 disk valve 4820-01-144-2651 Avl RFQ
1019A seat valve 4820-00-778-5594 Avl RFQ
B1223 seat valve 4820-01-406-2031 Avl RFQ
D1415PC26 washer lock 5310-01-353-2669 Avl RFQ
D1976PC10 seat valve 4820-01-241-4137 Avl RFQ
E1471 PIECE 8 bearing sleeve 3120-01-011-1583 Avl RFQ
D2462PC9 o ring 5331-00-060-4325 Avl RFQ
E1160 PIECE5 disk valve 4820-01-117-0984 Avl RFQ
D1427-5INPC9 gasket 5330-01-391-5391 Avl RFQ
D-1866 PIECE 9 4IN stud plain 5307-01-376-1849 Avl RFQ
845-2109805 PC1 ball valve ported 4820-00-872-6358 Avl RFQ
D-1994 parts kit check val 4820-01-103-7312 Avl RFQ
N3018 bearing 3110-00-920-8324 Avl RFQ
D2147 PIECE 7 stem fluid valve 4820-01-084-8688 Avl RFQ
A1657 retainer packing 5330-01-297-3156 Avl RFQ
D2153 PIECE 2H disk valve 4820-01-113-0880 Avl RFQ
B5819 disk valve 4820-01-376-2747 Avl RFQ
D2355PC4 1 4IN stem fluid valve 4820-01-367-3637 Avl RFQ
CS4820-0102 valve stop check 4820-01-021-4618 Avl RFQ
D2015 seal ring metal 5330-01-045-3240 Avl RFQ
A5648 retainer disk valve 4820-01-377-4008 Avl RFQ
256313 PIECE 5 stem fluid valve 4820-01-153-1566 Avl RFQ
C1304PC14-4IN packing preformed 5330-00-340-6369 Avl RFQ
D-1994 PIECE 10 1IN nut plain hexagon 5310-00-442-7652 Avl RFQ
D2111 PIECE 95 seal ring metal 5330-01-207-7465 Avl RFQ
SSN671-300-2047865 PIECE 5 retainer ball pivot 4820-01-215-4191 Avl RFQ
D1830-1 1-2INGL valve angle 4820-01-017-2600 Avl RFQ
A1909 seat valve 4820-01-091-4684 Avl RFQ
MIL-G-24716 gasket spiral wound 5330-01-362-3433 Avl RFQ
D2164 AND 810-2177141 valve globe 4820-01-232-2402 Avl RFQ
D119PC10 o ring 5331-00-413-6036 Avl RFQ
D240 PIECE 18 nut 5310-01-223-6582 Avl RFQ
256313 PC5 stem fluid valve 4820-01-153-1566 Avl RFQ
A1797 stem fluid valve 4820-01-190-2907 Avl RFQ
D 1866 3IN B valve check 4820-01-152-0616 Avl RFQ
D2015 disc assembly 4820-01-228-1470 Avl RFQ
D-1994 seat valve 4820-01-091-4684 Avl RFQ
9454 42PC16 packing preformed 5330-00-479-4077 Avl RFQ
508-4325675 seat valve 4810-01-192-3525 Avl RFQ
D2147 PIECE 267 gasket 5330-01-293-1011 Avl RFQ
D2355PC3-1 4IN ball check 4820-01-359-1696 Avl RFQ
E1035PC2 disk valve 4820-01-107-0422 Avl RFQ
2640-622PC18 packing preformed 5330-00-104-9104 Avl RFQ
HS630R gear helical 3020-01-163-3586 Avl RFQ
253342 PC NO 5 disk valve 4820-01-182-4588 Avl RFQ
SSBN608-400-1955921PC27 disk valve 4820-00-860-5085 Avl RFQ
D1866 PIECE 13 PT B1885 4IN-A seat valve 4820-01-091-2839 Avl RFQ
D2334 2IN PIECE 40A disk valve 4820-01-098-9722 Avl RFQ
D-1427PC9 3.00IN gasket 5330-01-376-5309 Avl RFQ
C5568 cap valve 4820-01-406-6176 Avl RFQ
D1770 valve ball special 4820-01-097-6732 Avl RFQ
C1304PC11-2 1-2I seat valve 4820-00-353-4633 Avl RFQ
D2440 PIECE 399 washer spring tensi 5310-01-268-0158 Avl RFQ
D2394 PC 30 gasket spiral wound 5330-01-442-8133 Avl RFQ
C1304PC16-2 1-2 seat valve 4820-00-353-4702 Avl RFQ
D2334 PC41 1IN pin valve disk 5315-01-049-4267 Avl RFQ
B5828 disk valve 4820-01-376-1698 Avl RFQ
D911021 valve globe 4820-01-142-8702 Avl RFQ
255751PCAY-A valve ball 4820-01-157-4304 Avl RFQ
D2147 PIECE 192 seat bearing 3110-01-125-3705 Avl RFQ
A5841 gasket spiral wound 5330-01-406-6740 Avl RFQ
4325674 PIECE 3 stem fluid valve 4820-01-310-0092 Avl RFQ
D2440 PIECE 396 gasket 5330-01-155-1792 Avl RFQ
A1908 seat valve 4820-01-091-8054 Avl RFQ
D-1866 SIZE 3-B PIECE 3 disk valve 4820-01-135-4624 Avl RFQ
P5330-679-6024 packing material 5330-00-599-9546 Avl RFQ
C2200 PIECE 42 spring helical comp 5360-01-105-9273 Avl RFQ
D1866 PIECE 8 4 A5709 gasket spiral wound 5330-01-374-3324 Avl RFQ
F20-09573PC17 packing preformed 5330-00-104-9104 Avl RFQ
D2348A PIECE 12 washer flat 5310-01-124-5188 Avl RFQ
A2644 bearing ball thrust 3110-01-216-5581 Avl RFQ
2640 150PC2 ball valve ported 4820-00-987-7973 Avl RFQ
D-1994 PC 8 1.5 gasket spiral wound 5330-01-362-3433 Avl RFQ
A3680 retainer packing 5330-01-219-7238 Avl RFQ
E1035PC9 seal ring valve 4820-01-107-0423 Avl RFQ
D3773 valve globe 4820-01-239-3610 Avl RFQ
D1829 valve stop check 4820-01-017-1200 Avl RFQ
N500189 bearing sleeve 3120-00-073-3527 Avl RFQ
2640-634X1PC3 seat valve 4820-00-759-5391 Avl RFQ
206944 PIECE 11 retainer 5310-01-166-1482 Avl RFQ
B2455L1 stem fluid valve 4820-01-119-2273 Avl RFQ
1889386 seat valve 4820-00-759-5391 Avl RFQ
CS-4820-0225 disk valve 4820-01-151-9017 Avl RFQ
B2021 ring retaining 5325-01-044-3489 Avl RFQ
803-2177525 valve globe 4820-01-110-3701 Avl RFQ
D2440 PIECE 94 gasket spiral wound 5330-01-499-6011 Avl RFQ
3552 valve angle 4820-01-017-2600 Avl RFQ
3871 .250 packing material 5330-00-599-9546 Avl RFQ
D2400 PIECE 400 disk valve 4820-01-265-4105 Avl RFQ
A2548 follower gate valve 4820-01-102-9018 Avl RFQ
MS16285-1 nut plain hexagon 5310-00-442-7652 Avl RFQ
D1452PC12 NON-ASBESTOS gasket spiral wound 5330-01-379-0023 Avl RFQ
7880-034L1 valve globe 4820-01-090-4166 Avl RFQ
A1794 seat valve 4820-01-014-3912 Avl RFQ
D2440 PIECE 394 setscrew 5305-01-234-7797 Avl RFQ
P2-47946-G01 bonnet retainer val 4820-01-113-2440 Avl RFQ
B2314 hinge valve 5342-01-159-0904 Avl RFQ
D3798 valve globe 4820-01-132-4824 Avl RFQ
N302-6 plate mending 5340-01-192-2141 Avl RFQ
20-09523 seat valve 4820-00-878-0471 Avl RFQ

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