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Additional Data for CAGE Code 30941

Status : A Type : A Woman Owned : Y Business Type : N
Business Size : A Primary Business : J CAO Code : S3309A ADP Code : HQ0337

Manufacturer for CAGE Code 30941

Part Number's List for CAGE Code 30941

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Part Number Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
A51M12111-13 lever remote contro 3040-01-414-0421 Avl RFQ
REDAR-A11292-1 hose assembly nonme 4720-01-336-0259 Avl RFQ
361D367-1 cable assembly cont 1680-01-365-4250 Avl RFQ
259D773-29 bushing sleeve 3120-01-246-1443 Avl RFQ
259C776-11 sprocket wheel 3020-01-247-1997 Avl RFQ
EW42003 nutself lockinghexagon 5310-01-695-3929 Avl RFQ
397D173-1 nrp cable assy rele 1650-01-663-5560 Avl RFQ
123AB50518-5 container assembly 1680-01-313-0161 Avl RFQ
396D114-11 fittingstructural componentair 1560-01-679-8192 Avl RFQ
325E690-1 belt aircraft safet 1680-01-437-1181 Avl RFQ
389C875-1 spring flat 5360-01-453-0317 Avl RFQ
123AV72222-1 cable assembly radi 5995-01-411-3761 Avl RFQ
259C750-11 spacer plate 5365-01-246-1438 Avl RFQ
A52E20107 29 insulation pipe cov 1560-01-378-5947 Avl RFQ
259D211-3 base plate weldment 1730-01-246-8876 Avl RFQ
405D110-1 seataircraft 1680-01-692-1823 Avl RFQ
253D317-1 manifold oxygen air 1660-01-498-9768 Avl RFQ
MBEU147444-1 survival kit aircra 1680-01-515-5292 Avl RFQ
405D112-11 reelshoulder harnessinertia lo 1680-01-692-1833 Avl RFQ
204C289-1 conduit assembly lo 1660-01-088-4568 Avl RFQ
349D733-3 harness aircraft sa 1680-01-543-7013 Avl RFQ
380D105-11 plate identificatio 9905-01-613-6990 Avl RFQ
123AB11661-5 mat floor 1680-01-365-4663 Avl RFQ
102C364-3 coupling assembly l 1660-00-392-0639 Avl RFQ
396D317-13 frame sectionseataircraft 1680-01-679-7716 Avl RFQ
396D663-13 trackaircraft seat 1680-01-679-8691 Avl RFQ
396D515-11 frame sectionseataircraft 1680-01-679-7307 Avl RFQ
102C570-1 control assembly pu 1680-00-392-0629 Avl RFQ
389E230-1 screw jack assembly 5305-01-453-0341 Avl RFQ
389C687-1 handwheel 5340-01-525-7786 Avl RFQ
A51F12053-7 insulation thermal 1560-01-361-4801 Avl RFQ
A51P60468-5 shroud cross bleed 1560-00-832-1234 Avl RFQ
396D716-21 conduitmetalrigid 5975-01-680-1041 Avl RFQ
396D815-1 cable assemblycontrol 1680-01-679-8050 Avl RFQ
MBEU146554-2 survival kit aircra 1680-01-515-5266 Avl RFQ
266B830-11 adapter straight pi 4730-01-176-9039 Avl RFQ
259B708-15 spacer plate 5365-01-245-7742 Avl RFQ
204C927 1 strap webbing 5340-00-936-4505 Avl RFQ
389B867-11 clamp anti rotating 5340-01-453-0314 Avl RFQ
EW45055 pinstraightthreaded 5315-01-695-4349 Avl RFQ
396D671-1 fittingstructural componentair 1560-01-679-7642 Avl RFQ
204C211-11 plate assembly left 1660-01-088-4570 Avl RFQ
325D336-11 reducer tube 4730-01-364-6040 Avl RFQ
90N301-4 nut self locking si 5310-00-876-2907 Avl RFQ
405D797-3 stopmechanical 5340-01-693-8417 Avl RFQ
349D638-11 clip end strap 5340-01-596-0692 Avl RFQ
389C238-11 leveling pad 5340-01-453-0321 Avl RFQ
396E330-13 fastener tapehook 5325-01-681-2197 Avl RFQ
266-622 coupling half quick 4730-01-292-6755 Avl RFQ
253D-355-1 tube assembly metal 4710-01-550-8332 Avl RFQ
313J100-1 survival kit 1660-01-242-3164 Avl RFQ
349D710-11 bracket mounting 5340-01-595-8838 Avl RFQ
T216B904-1 installing tool spr 5120-01-261-1143 Avl RFQ
259D445-1 caster swivel 5340-01-243-7894 Avl RFQ
221C280-1 plug and cap assemb 1660-01-074-2286 Avl RFQ
389D822-1 mini jack assembly 1730-01-453-0326 Avl RFQ
405D662 rolleraircraft seat 1680-01-693-4498 Avl RFQ
309D300-1 track fitting 1560-01-229-8921 Avl RFQ
389E089 5 pin quick release 5315-01-671-0516 Avl RFQ
221C640-11 bracket rear left h 1660-01-139-5602 Avl RFQ
A55F10062-7 cover access 5340-01-334-6852 Avl RFQ
396D760-11 shaftshouldered 3040-01-680-6981 Avl RFQ
396D573-11 nrp stanchion sprin 1680-01-661-1704 Avl RFQ
269D550-7 oxygen system ejection seat airc 1660-01-602-4455 Avl RFQ
PS 74-919008-209 removal tool spring 5120-01-260-9206 Avl RFQ
396D757-11 pinstraightheaded 5315-01-680-6201 Avl RFQ
405D790-1 handlelever control 1680-01-692-2025 Avl RFQ
221B648-11 washer saddle 5310-01-133-4874 Avl RFQ
396D177-11 armrestaircraft 1680-01-679-8165 Avl RFQ
396D572-13 nrp stanchion block 1680-01-661-1710 Avl RFQ
396D575-25 bushingsleeve 5365-01-680-3256 Avl RFQ
404D170-1 pinquick release 5315-01-687-3103 Avl RFQ
396D725-1 cable assemblycontrol 1680-01-679-8045 Avl RFQ
2198-001-1 disconnect special 1660-00-168-6109 Avl RFQ
EW52048 bearing washer thru 3120-01-247-1714 Avl RFQ
259B756-11 gasket 5330-01-244-0930 Avl RFQ
123AB50530-39 fitting 1670-01-307-0274 Avl RFQ
266C702-11 pin straight headed 5315-01-175-8888 Avl RFQ
A51E10202-1 insulation thermal 1560-01-339-6302 Avl RFQ
GT514D fitting structural 1560-01-539-2786 Avl RFQ
A51E20013-55 insulation pipe cov 1560-01-360-6097 Avl RFQ
221D690-2 harness assembly 1660-01-074-9761 Avl RFQ
405D665 rolleraircraft seat 1680-01-693-5118 Avl RFQ
380D511-1 bracket angle 5340-01-511-8585 Avl RFQ
349D510-19 fastener tape hook 5325-01-596-5670 Avl RFQ
349D740-1 belt aircraft safet 1680-01-543-8020 Avl RFQ
396D664-11 bushingsleeve 5365-01-680-3050 Avl RFQ
859C10093-1 shroud inboard 1680-00-942-2069 Avl RFQ
859C10045-2 latch assy arm rest 1680-00-942-2085 Avl RFQ
102C581-11 clevis rod end 5340-00-395-2249 Avl RFQ
MBEU146554-1 survival kit aircra 1680-01-485-6796 Avl RFQ
396D171-2 armrestaircraft 1680-01-679-7062 Avl RFQ
204B291-11 sleeve interlocking 1660-01-088-4558 Avl RFQ
12072-1 belt aircraft safet 1680-01-320-5171 Avl RFQ
123EC10115-3 valve assembly air 1560-00-278-3165 Avl RFQ
361E200-5 survival kit aircra 1680-01-366-0545 Avl RFQ
51410107 elbow pipe 4730-01-097-4330 Avl RFQ
859K10004-611 supportstructural componentair 1560-01-679-6559 Avl RFQ
221B332-1 valve safety relief 4820-01-090-6416 Avl RFQ
309D400-1 track fitting 2040-01-232-3570 Avl RFQ

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