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Additional Data for CAGE Code 23162

Status : A Type : A Woman Owned : N Business Type : N
Business Size : A Primary Business : J CAO Code : S0512A ADP Code : HQ0339

Manufacturer for CAGE Code 23162

Part Number's List for CAGE Code 23162

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Part Number Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
343837R guard assembly door 1560-01-007-0251 Avl RFQ
341238-38 skin aircraft 1560-01-549-8481 Avl RFQ
356122-1R fitting structural 1560-01-326-9103 Avl RFQ
342326-32L skin aircraft 1560-00-673-5216 Avl RFQ
398335 1 fitting wing joint 1560-01-563-5408 Avl RFQ
1281347-101 bolt fluid passage 4730-00-288-0606 Avl RFQ
359288-2R block door preload 1560-00-574-6452 Avl RFQ
3359122-23 rod straight headle 5340-01-600-6906 Avl RFQ
342326-11L skin aircraft 1560-00-673-5210 Avl RFQ
342986-14 longeron 1560-01-142-6695 Avl RFQ
338328-22R skin aircraft 1560-01-344-7676 Avl RFQ
4674507-501 clevis rod end 5340-00-703-1430 Avl RFQ
2667630 bolt assy grease 5306-00-670-9694 Avl RFQ
376497 3 window panel aircra 1560-01-396-0889 Avl RFQ
8853-51 bushing sleeve 3120-00-474-0806 Avl RFQ
342328-13R stringer aircraft 1560-01-297-6590 Avl RFQ
D117237-1 manifold rocket catapult 4730-01-031-6522 Avl RFQ
340033-3L plate structural ai 1560-00-539-1121 Avl RFQ
830875-4 fairing aircraft 1560-01-228-7829 Avl RFQ
145062AD leaf butt hinge 5340-00-333-4296 Avl RFQ
2444104 head linear actuati 1650-00-098-2054 Avl RFQ
7227399-20 shoe landing gear r 1620-00-111-7183 Avl RFQ
803483-1 duct assembly 1560-00-802-4379 Avl RFQ
359286-2 rod assy aft door n 1560-00-672-1801 Avl RFQ
4F51669-101A seal nonmetallic sp 5330-01-597-5876 Avl RFQ
3303558-2 shoe main landing g 1620-00-259-2828 Avl RFQ
337905-4L skin aircraft 1560-00-908-7978 Avl RFQ
3304588-1 door aircraft 1560-01-015-1164 Avl RFQ
338329-12R skin aircraft 1560-01-520-4650 Avl RFQ
342981 door access aircraf 1560-00-307-1943 Avl RFQ
340972-10R fairing aircraft 1560-00-602-2631 Avl RFQ
342326-8L skin aircraft 1560-00-673-5225 Avl RFQ
3352608-1 baffle assembly win 1560-00-587-6143 Avl RFQ
756059-1 washer flat 5310-01-236-9182 Avl RFQ
4114029-39 wire rope assembly 4010-00-109-9969 Avl RFQ
1282161-103 contact strip radio 5940-00-276-2723 Avl RFQ
1119194-1 screw externally re 5305-00-731-3127 Avl RFQ
342326-5R skin aircraft 1560-00-673-5223 Avl RFQ
342781-501 carriage assembly c 1560-00-631-6402 Avl RFQ
1283718 103 contact strip radio 5940-00-277-5185 Avl RFQ
2116354 1 bearing plain rod e 3120-00-386-5684 Avl RFQ
370984-2 beam assy support t 1560-00-407-4382 Avl RFQ
32-72141-1 cap linear actuatin 1650-00-788-1729 Avl RFQ
389626-3 support elevator 1680-01-103-5286 Avl RFQ
363747-1L retainer post winds 1680-01-103-5263 Avl RFQ
360580-1 seal life raft comp 1560-00-574-3466 Avl RFQ
4J12066-157A seal assembly track 5330-00-849-5468 Avl RFQ
S145062AD7200 leaf butt hinge 5340-00-333-4296 Avl RFQ
343244R trailing edge aircr 1560-00-673-1565 Avl RFQ
361664-1 shaft crew door han 1560-00-573-4171 Avl RFQ
4J12075-106A seal assembly slat 5330-00-866-0473 Avl RFQ
7938035 support taxi light 1560-01-089-9969 Avl RFQ
370499-2R cap chine center fu 1560-00-113-9225 Avl RFQ
901980-106 longeron 1560-01-324-8664 Avl RFQ
359288 2L REV block door 1560-00-574-3468 Avl RFQ
343096 3 fitting structural 1560-01-386-8008 Avl RFQ
1284542-101 bearing sleeve 3120-00-316-5602 Avl RFQ
830351-4 sealnonmetallic special shaped 5330-01-683-7453 Avl RFQ
367066-5 decal steering cyli 1650-01-493-7708 Avl RFQ
2492226-501 bushing sleeve 3120-00-662-7966 Avl RFQ
364257-1 pawl rudder pedal p 1560-00-672-6516 Avl RFQ
390620-2 bracket wing joint 1560-00-435-3653 Avl RFQ
32-62123-13 bell crank assembly 1560-00-929-9757 Avl RFQ
342326-4R skin aircraft 1560-00-673-5219 Avl RFQ
4547705-503 tube assy 4710-00-573-6908 Avl RFQ
800741-1 bolt assembly hinge 1560-00-806-6434 Avl RFQ
86H27267-5 blanket assembly in 1560-01-034-5671 Avl RFQ
32-62123-9 bell crank assembly 1560-00-929-9757 Avl RFQ
4G33024-101A cap linear actuatin 1650-00-135-5677 Avl RFQ
337905-3R skin aircraft 1560-00-908-8559 Avl RFQ
1118147 bearing ball rod en 3110-00-123-3696 Avl RFQ
347631-39 panel assembly airc 1560-01-021-8422 Avl RFQ
1283719-103 contact strip radio 5940-00-277-5188 Avl RFQ
344522R fitting vertical st 1560-00-306-3710 Avl RFQ
2673580 parts kit linear ac 1650-00-630-7020 Avl RFQ
4155400-5 pipe exhaust 1560-01-264-5548 Avl RFQ
342326-9L skin aircraft 1560-00-673-5227 Avl RFQ
390620-5 fitting structural 1560-01-570-7864 Avl RFQ
390620-4 fitting structural 1560-01-383-9141 Avl RFQ
337925-7R bracket eye rotatin 1560-01-354-1408 Avl RFQ
342281-10 skin aircraft 1560-01-220-6887 Avl RFQ
388997-6 track main landing 1560-00-019-2701 Avl RFQ
3821761-503 fitting assembly ac 1560-00-605-0448 Avl RFQ
2250750 bearing assembly he 3110-00-041-9895 Avl RFQ
372205-1 jumper strap 1560-00-659-1334 Avl RFQ
399228-14 fittingstructural componentair 1560-01-656-2617 Avl RFQ
390619-8 fitting structural 1560-01-313-4570 Avl RFQ
351575R cover access aircra 1560-00-651-7079 Avl RFQ
356531-5 fitting assembly lo 1560-00-232-0746 Avl RFQ
390619-5 bracket wing joint 1560-00-435-3639 Avl RFQ
351782 ejector assembly wi 1560-00-574-3458 Avl RFQ
4547978 cap linear actuatin 1650-00-346-1241 Avl RFQ
338328-24R skin aircraft 1560-01-344-7675 Avl RFQ
3-50328-1 coupling support di 1560-00-862-1526 Avl RFQ
344014-3L bracket structural 1560-01-453-9542 Avl RFQ
342986-12 longeron 1560-01-141-6012 Avl RFQ
LS38538-1 sealplain 5330-01-696-2652 Avl RFQ
5113032-4 leaf butt hinge 5340-00-333-4296 Avl RFQ
357241 1R fitting nose landin 1560-00-626-5007 Avl RFQ
342326-9R skin aircraft 1560-00-673-5228 Avl RFQ

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