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Additional Data for CAGE Code 1NLW9

Status : A Type : F Woman Owned : N Business Type : I
Business Size : A Primary Business : N CAO Code : S0107A ADP Code : HQ0338

Manufacturer for CAGE Code 1NLW9

Part Number's List for CAGE Code 1NLW9

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Part Number Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
201995186-01 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-697-1995 Avl RFQ
MA6914307-803 bracketangle 5340-01-673-6359 Avl RFQ
201995204-01 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-697-4918 Avl RFQ
MA7015106 flooraircraft 1560-01-692-4213 Avl RFQ
MA7015111 panelstructuralaircraft 1560-01-692-5106 Avl RFQ
MA7617114 armor supplemental small arms fr 1560-01-672-3861 Avl RFQ
MI0102002 plug in unit electr 4920-01-524-9671 Avl RFQ
201995154-01 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-697-1449 Avl RFQ
201995162-01 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-697-3075 Avl RFQ
201995178-01 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-697-4731 Avl RFQ
201995173-01 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-697-4215 Avl RFQ
MA6914167 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-673-6099 Avl RFQ
MA6914714 bracketmounting 5340-01-673-2960 Avl RFQ
201995182-01 armor plate 9515-01-697-4779 Avl RFQ
MA7517440-101 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-697-9968 Avl RFQ
MA6914205-805 bracketstructural componentair 1560-01-677-7359 Avl RFQ
MA6914215 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-673-6301 Avl RFQ
M10501019 keyboard mount assy 5340-01-497-7839 Avl RFQ
MA6914281 bracketangle 5342-01-677-9991 Avl RFQ
MA6914511 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-673-3476 Avl RFQ
MA2106008-3 cover co pilot wing 1680-01-562-4625 Avl RFQ
MA6914621-1 latchmortise 5340-01-697-0697 Avl RFQ
MA2106010-3 panel wing 1680-01-562-4638 Avl RFQ
MA6914613-701 hingebutt 5340-01-677-2620 Avl RFQ
MA7617208 armor supplemental small arms fr 1560-01-672-3569 Avl RFQ
MA7015102 control panelaircraft 1680-01-690-8335 Avl RFQ
MA7015211-823 plateresilient mount 5340-01-690-9160 Avl RFQ
MH7015103 basestand 5340-01-699-2097 Avl RFQ
MA6914701 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-673-5185 Avl RFQ
MA7617131 armor supplemental small arms fr 1560-01-672-3306 Avl RFQ
MA6914221-801 bracketangle 5340-01-673-6388 Avl RFQ
MA6914433-505 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-673-7988 Avl RFQ
201995161-01 armor plate 9535-01-697-2632 Avl RFQ
MA6914881 bracketmultiple angle 5340-01-677-2243 Avl RFQ
MA6914807-321 barlatch 5340-01-673-4271 Avl RFQ
MA7617126 armor supplemental small arms fr 1560-01-672-3326 Avl RFQ
MA6914887 fairleadblock 5340-01-677-2254 Avl RFQ
201995159-01 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-697-3082 Avl RFQ
201995167-01 armor plate 9535-01-697-2617 Avl RFQ
MA6914117 platemounting 5340-01-673-3247 Avl RFQ
MA6914421-3 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-673-4379 Avl RFQ
MA6914505 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-673-4390 Avl RFQ
201995172-01 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-697-4211 Avl RFQ
MA6914613 hingebutt 5340-01-677-2620 Avl RFQ
MA6914429-303 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-673-7040 Avl RFQ
MA7617205 armor supplemental small arms fr 1560-01-672-3493 Avl RFQ
MA6914219-303 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-673-3253 Avl RFQ
MA6914841 bracketangle 5340-01-677-0533 Avl RFQ
MA7617108 armor supplemental small arms fr 1560-01-672-3535 Avl RFQ
MA6914401 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-673-5189 Avl RFQ
MA6914209-303 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-673-3106 Avl RFQ
MA6914169 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-673-5783 Avl RFQ
MA7617106 armor supplemental small arms fr 1560-01-672-3551 Avl RFQ
201995165-01 armor plate 9535-01-697-2620 Avl RFQ
MA7617128 armor supplemental small arms fr 1560-01-672-3320 Avl RFQ
MA7617116 armor supplemental small arms fr 1560-01-672-3537 Avl RFQ
MA6914111 bracketmounting 5340-01-673-2988 Avl RFQ
MI0102001-1 plug in unit electr 4920-01-521-6262 Avl RFQ
MA2106007 panel assembly wing 1680-01-561-7270 Avl RFQ
MA6914287 bracketangle 5342-01-678-0133 Avl RFQ
MA7617109 armor supplemental small arms fr 1560-01-672-3556 Avl RFQ
MA6914609 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-673-6291 Avl RFQ
MA2106008-1 panel co pilot wing 1680-01-562-4621 Avl RFQ
MA7617127 armor supplemental small arms fr 1560-01-672-3524 Avl RFQ
MA6914627 barlatch 5340-01-673-4371 Avl RFQ
MA6914883 bracketangle 5340-01-677-2955 Avl RFQ
MA7617112 armor supplemental small arms fr 1560-01-672-3343 Avl RFQ
MA6914816 standoffthreadedspacing 5340-01-677-1718 Avl RFQ
MA6914221-305 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-673-7063 Avl RFQ
MA2106007-1 panel pilots wing 1680-01-562-4612 Avl RFQ
MA6914602 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-673-6022 Avl RFQ
MA2106007-3 cover pilots wing 1680-01-562-4617 Avl RFQ
MA6914604-1 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-673-3249 Avl RFQ
MA6914099 modification kit 1560-01-673-6555 Avl RFQ
MA6914403-303 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-673-5260 Avl RFQ
MH7002801-105 leafbutt hinge 5340-01-694-2349 Avl RFQ
MA6914105 platemounting 5340-01-673-3423 Avl RFQ
MA7015203-823 plateresilient mount 5340-01-690-9159 Avl RFQ
201995177-01 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-697-4729 Avl RFQ
MH7002801-103 leafbutt hinge 5340-01-694-2487 Avl RFQ
MA6914704 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-673-5559 Avl RFQ
MA7617124 armor supplemental small arms fr 1560-01-672-3890 Avl RFQ
MA6914205-305 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-673-3351 Avl RFQ
MA6914764 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-673-3238 Avl RFQ
MH7617001-480 bracketmounting 5340-01-685-7553 Avl RFQ
MA6914604-2 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-673-4285 Avl RFQ
MA6914205 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-673-3351 Avl RFQ
MA6914621-2 lockmortise 5340-01-673-5710 Avl RFQ
MA6914163 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-673-7968 Avl RFQ
201995201-01 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-697-4910 Avl RFQ
MA914621-1 latchmortise 5340-01-673-2896 Avl RFQ
201995202-01 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-697-4915 Avl RFQ
MA7617204 armor supplemental small arms fr 1560-01-672-3930 Avl RFQ
M10105016 mount assy roadside 6625-01-497-7831 Avl RFQ
MH7617001-565 bracketmounting 5340-01-685-7556 Avl RFQ
201995174-02 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-697-4220 Avl RFQ
MA6914419 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-673-5279 Avl RFQ
201995181-01 armorsupplementalsmall arms fr 1560-01-697-4739 Avl RFQ
MA6914113 platemounting 5340-01-673-3690 Avl RFQ
MA6914615 spacerplate 5365-01-677-3427 Avl RFQ

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