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Request for Quote for Parts Manufactured by CAGE Code 14304

Looking for Harris Llc NSN parts under the CAGE Code 14304? Look no further than ASAP Aero Supplies, where we have a ready-to-ship inventory of over 6 billion parts, including parts A134-0173, 755017A8351, RF-382-01, MVL114-110DFX, A51-7755-15, 10564-1720-05, 10535-0720-A009.

For quality aircraft components from CAGE code 14304, simply fill out our RFQ form with your information, and we'll take care of the rest. Our dedicated sales representative will respond to your RFQ via email or phone within 15 minutes of receiving your request. At ASAP Aero Supplies, we strive to simplify the part purchasing process for our customers. We implement customer-friendly measures to eliminate the hassle of searching for parts, and we quality-check each and every part to ensure validity. Request a quote today for NSN Parts listed under CAGE Code 14304, and a dedicated account representative will respond within 15 minutes.

Additional Data for CAGE Code 14304

Status : A Type : A Woman Owned : N Business Type : N
Business Size : E Primary Business : J CAO Code : S3306A ADP Code : HQ0337
Manufacturer: Harris Llc

Part Number's List for CAGE Code 14304

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Part Number Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
A134-0173 attenuator variable 5985-00-076-2587 Avl RFQ
755017A8351 capacitor variable 5910-01-050-6750 Avl RFQ
RF-382-01 antenna 5985-01-484-3096 Avl RFQ
MVL114-110DFX terminal quick disc 5940-01-212-4259 Avl RFQ
A51-7755-15 spring tripper 5360-00-053-3103 Avl RFQ
10564-1720-05 filter low pass 5915-01-584-1028 Avl RFQ
10535-0720-A009 cable assemblyradio frequency 5995-01-680-5812 Avl RFQ
1013-1-07-02 transformer radio f 5950-00-024-1630 Avl RFQ
10515-0379-4300 manualtechnical 7610-01-680-4469 Avl RFQ
09-72-1071 connector receptacl 5935-01-147-0815 Avl RFQ
10535-0721-A012 cable assembly spec 6150-01-530-5547 Avl RFQ
682J01MF400L1 capacitor fixed met 5910-01-216-2164 Avl RFQ
10134-4985 circuit card assembly 5998-01-392-5657 Avl RFQ
12006-2440-01 base antenna suppor 5985-01-565-1051 Avl RFQ
10525-4700-02 coupler directional 5985-01-483-0509 Avl RFQ
D919-1882 reactor 5950-01-205-3600 Avl RFQ
J71-9600-196 connector receptacl 5935-01-484-3718 Avl RFQ
12193-2710-01 antenna subassembly 5985-01-678-8918 Avl RFQ
10181-9821-011 cable assembly spec 5995-01-469-1644 Avl RFQ
6628-2240 transformer power 5950-01-399-5401 Avl RFQ
10197-0535-03 cable assembly spec 5995-01-462-0535 Avl RFQ
10178-5410 circuit card assemb 5998-01-275-7132 Avl RFQ
MP 3635 polarizing key elec 5935-01-097-7630 Avl RFQ
J45-0011-205 contact electrical 5999-01-203-2110 Avl RFQ
RMF1 1W 2.87(OHM) 1 resistor fixed film 5905-01-436-5423 Avl RFQ
RLR07C7500FS resistor fixed film 5905-01-178-2223 Avl RFQ
755017B0763 washer 5310-01-252-4922 Avl RFQ
R65 0003 220 resistor fixed film 5905-01-155-0981 Avl RFQ
12043-0750-A006 cable assembly spec 6150-01-593-4331 Avl RFQ
10369 7210 03 cable assembly radi 5995-01-418-5819 Avl RFQ
D919-1873 reactor 5950-01-205-3596 Avl RFQ
MS16995-17B screw cap socket he 5305-00-230-2058 Avl RFQ
10050-3200 regulator voltage 6110-01-151-3220 Avl RFQ
12041-3150-03 microphonedynamic 5965-01-689-8467 Avl RFQ
10535-0780-A006 cable assembly spec 5995-01-486-5623 Avl RFQ
919-0710 filter assembly ele 5915-01-204-8856 Avl RFQ
12006-2412-01 antenna 5985-01-565-0844 Avl RFQ
LX0180818 coil radio frequenc 5950-00-417-4023 Avl RFQ
C12 0008 820 capacitor fixed cer 5910-01-323-6098 Avl RFQ
12046-8501-01 circuit card assemb 5998-01-548-7546 Avl RFQ
D12-0007-001 semiconductor devic 5961-01-207-9582 Avl RFQ
755017A9057-2 strap webbing 5340-01-070-0472 Avl RFQ
N21-0028-001 light emitting diod 5980-01-551-7890 Avl RFQ
CSC-19-18T filter band pass 5915-00-069-3664 Avl RFQ
10212-4000 hardware kit electr 5340-01-452-7921 Avl RFQ
10497-1443-001 shielding gasket el 5999-01-474-3744 Avl RFQ
C15-0001-002 capacitor fixed cer 5910-00-648-8862 Avl RFQ
10134 2930 cc rack no 1 5975-01-392-6884 Avl RFQ
TYPE-G 1 8X3 8 pin grooved headles 5315-01-268-3465 Avl RFQ
6628-0526 coil radio frequenc 5950-01-207-8396 Avl RFQ
R65-0003-223 resistor fixed film 5905-01-170-3450 Avl RFQ
10570-3573-A040 cable assemblyradio frequency 5995-01-680-8291 Avl RFQ
223M0D5MC power supply 6130-00-044-4281 Avl RFQ
10511-2997-02 gasket 5330-01-461-5320 Avl RFQ
8966 coil radio frequenc 5950-01-244-2120 Avl RFQ
I03-0017-001 microcircuit linear 5962-01-484-9290 Avl RFQ
CMF20-82R0G-T00 resistor fixed film 5905-01-166-5148 Avl RFQ
10468-1000-01 switch radio freque 5985-01-424-4228 Avl RFQ
J25-0022-026 connector receptacl 5935-01-339-5438 Avl RFQ
J25-0043-010 connector receptacl 5935-01-432-9821 Avl RFQ
10181-2530-01 connector plug elec 5935-01-474-4264 Avl RFQ
12043-2031-01 pad cushioning 5340-01-605-7198 Avl RFQ
10404-6430-004 cable assembly radi 5995-01-434-6450 Avl RFQ
11105-1507-A1 cable assembly powe 6150-01-573-7511 Avl RFQ
10085-5322 filter band pass 5915-01-440-8802 Avl RFQ
10535-0713-A033 cable assemblyradio frequency 5995-01-681-4356 Avl RFQ
564CX5SAA752AP252M capacitor fixed cer 5910-01-087-1944 Avl RFQ
10073-6200 printed wiring board 5999-01-238-9366 Avl RFQ
10012-2812 microcircuit digita 5962-01-411-1501 Avl RFQ
C13-0101-100 capacitor fixed cer 5910-01-457-1490 Avl RFQ
13-05252-00 resistor fixed film 5905-00-233-9157 Avl RFQ
10012 0201 antenna 5985-01-414-0045 Avl RFQ
CU938AURA38A coupler antenna 5985-00-134-1526 Avl RFQ
10511-0730-A015 cable assemblyradio frequency 5995-01-676-2286 Avl RFQ
225398-7 connector receptacl 5935-01-092-9705 Avl RFQ
87586-1 connector plug elec 5935-01-130-3906 Avl RFQ
10515-0363-4302 manualtechnical 7610-01-680-5374 Avl RFQ
10497-0515-01 cable assembly radi 5995-01-430-1039 Avl RFQ
82 3833 switch 5930-01-278-1574 Avl RFQ
10012-7482 transformer power 5950-01-410-9243 Avl RFQ
J41 0009 006 connector plug elec 5935-01-492-1697 Avl RFQ
10484-3500-04 base mast 5985-01-516-2891 Avl RFQ
D-4-WP-4 loudspeaker permane 5965-01-008-8712 Avl RFQ
RF-5351-AT014 modification kitelectrical and 5985-01-688-3001 Avl RFQ
10134-4199-1 switch thermostatic 5930-01-329-6104 Avl RFQ
C74-0051-122 capacitor fixed ele 5910-01-435-9862 Avl RFQ
10012-3100 circuit card assemb 5998-01-408-8754 Avl RFQ
I18-0006-001 microcircuit digita 5962-01-087-9508 Avl RFQ
10515-0240-4200 manual technical 7610-01-549-7442 Avl RFQ
RF-5351-AT004 modification kitelectrical and 5985-01-684-3098 Avl RFQ
8861679-01 hinge access door 5340-01-357-9742 Avl RFQ
10073-7041 coil radio frequenc 5950-01-330-6494 Avl RFQ
12043-7200-A3 cable assembly special purpose e 5995-01-665-9146 Avl RFQ
CU2542URC coupler radio frequ 5985-01-413-4787 Avl RFQ
10075-1296 tubing assembly non 4710-01-378-5487 Avl RFQ
10073-7049 lock shaft 5355-01-279-8974 Avl RFQ
R15-0002-338 resistor fixed film 5905-01-208-3532 Avl RFQ
425XBX-18 relay reed 5945-01-302-0290 Avl RFQ
H99-0001-234 screw machine 5305-01-606-0903 Avl RFQ
10404-6150-008 cable assembly spec 5995-01-432-6381 Avl RFQ

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