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Additional Data for CAGE Code 10618

Status : A Type : A Woman Owned : N Business Type : N
Business Size : A Primary Business : N CAO Code : S3309A ADP Code : HQ0337

Manufacturer for CAGE Code 10618

Part Number's List for CAGE Code 10618

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Part Number Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
Y63-315880-948 circuit card assembly 5998-00-919-8040 Avl RFQ
Y63 315620 97 tube vane mounting 4710-00-869-0005 Avl RFQ
TR64 test set radio 6625-00-019-8505 Avl RFQ
Y63E620172-001 transformer radio f 5950-00-865-3824 Avl RFQ
Y63-315340-56 spring cover 5360-00-034-1989 Avl RFQ
Y63 315330 320 3 bearing ball annula 3110-00-729-7251 Avl RFQ
CN1084ASW20 gyroscope displacem 6615-00-937-3421 Avl RFQ
347C733H05 insulation sleeving 5970-00-828-3451 Avl RFQ
Y63-315880-942 control monitor 4920-00-753-1155 Avl RFQ
A260 lock rotor blade re 1730-00-948-3530 Avl RFQ
Y63E620381-001 filter band pass 5915-00-071-6310 Avl RFQ
Y63-315880-615-4 cable assembly 4920-00-869-7085 Avl RFQ
Y63-315880-727 housing end 4920-00-946-1096 Avl RFQ
Y61-315370-12-1 pin eccentric 5315-00-034-1930 Avl RFQ
Y61-315370-75 ring assembly 1615-00-033-8172 Avl RFQ
6007JCL3C3W21GA01 bearing ball annula 3110-00-729-7251 Avl RFQ
Y63-315880-712 spring sleeve 5360-00-867-7034 Avl RFQ
Y63-315330-317 bearing ball annula 3110-00-901-4452 Avl RFQ
ES2028-07R10 screw machine 5305-00-732-9205 Avl RFQ
Y63-315880-653-1 main housing subass 4920-00-867-7031 Avl RFQ
Y63E620100-001 filter band pass 5915-00-071-6306 Avl RFQ
Y63-345300-843-1 disassembly tool 4920-00-051-3258 Avl RFQ
Y63-315880-699 actuator ejector 4920-00-943-7853 Avl RFQ
ANASM106 test set control mo 6625-00-919-2115 Avl RFQ
Y63E620165-001 coil electrical 5950-00-823-4785 Avl RFQ
Y63 315330 83 bolt 5306-00-034-1994 Avl RFQ
C082102-005 switch rotary 5930-00-945-7326 Avl RFQ
Y63-315880-705 eye lanyard subasse 4920-00-944-5745 Avl RFQ
Y63-315880-620 cable assembly spec 4920-00-867-7022 Avl RFQ
Y63-315350-7 shaft assembly uppe 1560-00-034-1855 Avl RFQ
6420-5009-1 crystal unit quartz 5955-00-855-3937 Avl RFQ
22780-22720Y63-315330-245 bearing roller tape 3110-00-900-9637 Avl RFQ
Y63E620178-001 washer retaining 5310-00-825-3006 Avl RFQ
Y61-315700-20-3 screw shoulder 5305-00-083-1407 Avl RFQ
Y63-315700-1-9 blade assembly uppe 1560-00-075-8205 Avl RFQ
Y63E620167-001 reactor 5950-00-071-6308 Avl RFQ
EER3-SPX8 sling rescue helico 1670-01-435-8151 Avl RFQ
V62-1SEC543 modification kit 4920-00-943-7690 Avl RFQ
C084520-001 semiconductor devic 5961-00-762-0201 Avl RFQ
Y63-315270-51 tube vent 4710-00-868-9940 Avl RFQ
C085101-004 insulation sleeving 5970-00-828-3452 Avl RFQ
C084303 crystal unit quartz 5955-00-851-0856 Avl RFQ
Y70E620274-001 gasket 5330-00-250-9309 Avl RFQ
Y63E620381-002 filter band pass 5915-00-689-1524 Avl RFQ
28682C0NEY63-315330-241-3 cone and rollers ta 3110-00-782-5412 Avl RFQ
Y63-315350-8-1 spring helical torsion 5360-00-034-2003 Avl RFQ
Y63-315880-947 panel indicating li 6220-00-867-1680 Avl RFQ
Y63S880001-002 handling wheel 1730-00-872-6148 Avl RFQ
Y70E620011-002 cable assembly special purpose electrical 6150-00-949-5798 Avl RFQ
Y63-315330-46 nut plain round 5310-00-083-1410 Avl RFQ
C082637-003 connector receptacle electrical 5935-00-419-3697 Avl RFQ
Y62E620034-001 gasket block 5330-00-918-1150 Avl RFQ
Y63-315880-680 gasket contact 5330-00-867-7029 Avl RFQ
YS315330-252REVA bearing roller tape 3110-00-083-6964 Avl RFQ
Y70E880036-002 probe engine rotor 4920-00-916-6415 Avl RFQ
Y63-315330-237 washer 5310-00-034-6183 Avl RFQ
Y63S880038-001 shackle tiedown 4030-00-945-8258 Avl RFQ
Y63 315330 58 nozzle oil 2910-00-869-0010 Avl RFQ
141900-01-01 gyroscope displacem 6615-00-918-7080 Avl RFQ
C088105-004 meter arbitrary sca 6625-00-988-5307 Avl RFQ
Y63-345300-783 puller mechanical 5120-00-055-1657 Avl RFQ
Y63-315880-668 retainer contact 4920-00-867-7028 Avl RFQ
Y63-345300-969 fixture holding sha 4920-00-070-9830 Avl RFQ
C090963-001 seal plain 5330-00-966-6790 Avl RFQ
Y63-315820-15-1 skid assembly landi 1630-00-034-1945 Avl RFQ
Y61-315370-32 retainer packing 5330-00-033-8171 Avl RFQ
TX1805ND heat sink electrica 5999-00-854-8995 Avl RFQ
Y61-315370-91-1 plate and tip brake 1560-00-033-8032 Avl RFQ
Y63E500008-001 nut self locking hexagon 5310-00-969-2197 Avl RFQ
C084525-001 microcircuit linear 5962-00-869-4007 Avl RFQ
Y63-315700-117 bushing sleeve 3120-00-018-1955 Avl RFQ
Y70E330001-002 transmission assy 1615-00-943-5016 Avl RFQ
Y63E620161-001 printed circuit boa 5998-00-827-7365 Avl RFQ
Y63E620163-001 printed circuit boa 5998-00-827-7364 Avl RFQ
Y63-315880-617-1 cable assembly spec 4920-00-869-7047 Avl RFQ
Y63E620038-001 spring helical tors 5360-00-942-2039 Avl RFQ
222A284 insulation sleeving 5970-00-828-3457 Avl RFQ
Y63-345100-31 gage fluctuating 6695-00-782-1512 Avl RFQ
Y70E620063-001 tube support 4710-00-943-5008 Avl RFQ
Y63E880271-001 resistor variable w 5905-00-939-0544 Avl RFQ
96471 shielding gasket el 5999-00-481-6211 Avl RFQ
Y70E410001-001 support assy 1615-00-943-7772 Avl RFQ
Y63E840024-002 pawl release assy 3040-00-838-6683 Avl RFQ
Y63 315370 3 1 swash plate assembl 1560-00-051-3189 Avl RFQ
Y63E880392-001 handle operating 4920-00-943-7937 Avl RFQ
424040-01-01 analyzer flight con 4920-00-051-3256 Avl RFQ
Y63-315620-117-2 cable assembly radi 5995-00-953-1753 Avl RFQ
Y63-345300-1073 tool disassembly be 4920-00-070-9828 Avl RFQ
Y61-315340-59-6 valve assy 1615-00-943-7784 Avl RFQ
Y61-315370-4 ring upper plate 5365-00-033-8173 Avl RFQ
Y63-345100-13 fixture test swash 4920-00-070-9840 Avl RFQ
Y63-345300-861-2 fixture holding tra 4920-00-109-6430 Avl RFQ
Y63E620034-001 gasket block 5330-00-918-1150 Avl RFQ
Y63E620199-001 insulator washer 5970-00-855-7474 Avl RFQ
Y70E620075-001 cable assembly special purpose electrical 6150-00-949-5800 Avl RFQ
Y63E620379-002 attenuator fixed 5985-00-484-9472 Avl RFQ
Y63-315880-684 gasket 5330-00-962-4263 Avl RFQ
Y63E880153-003 shaft assembly flex 3040-00-916-6414 Avl RFQ
PT02H-12-10P(101 connector receptacl 5935-00-855-3961 Avl RFQ
B159004-0000 socket plug in elec 5935-00-989-3093 Avl RFQ

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