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Additional Data for CAGE Code 07LK0

Status : A Type : F Woman Owned : N Business Type : N
Business Size : N Primary Business : N CAO Code : S5111A ADP Code : HQ0338

Manufacturer for CAGE Code 07LK0

Part Number's List for CAGE Code 07LK0

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Part Number Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
ECIMLN-MSW4024 spacers card hold 7050-01-490-1698 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN MSU6074 circuit card assembly 5998-01-502-1799 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN MSU3094 circuit card assembly 5998-01-502-2903 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3067 lens light 6210-01-490-1546 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU6083 kit expansion dasd 7050-01-490-1590 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSW4018 power supply 6130-01-490-1652 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU8200-4 computer set digita 7010-01-514-9928 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3018 fan 92mm hot plg 7050-01-490-1607 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3096 disk drive unit 7025-01-501-9959 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MLN1304 server automatic da 7035-01-484-6743 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSW4016 plate mounting 5340-01-490-1694 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSW4046 mouse data entry 7025-01-484-6741 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSW4019 kit shock mount 7050-01-490-1656 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSW4045 processor gateway 7025-01-490-1681 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3230 hardware kit mechan 5340-01-490-7156 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3068 adapter sys mgmt 7050-01-490-1555 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-OFF4000 interface unit auto 7025-01-490-1717 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSW4044 cable assembly spec 6150-01-490-1678 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU8076-5 disk drive unit 7025-01-504-4175 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3035 str rel assy linecd 7050-01-490-1622 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3071 cover access 5340-01-490-6454 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSW4023 plate mounting 5340-01-490-1624 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3008 ctrl cd brckt disp 7050-01-490-1683 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3026 cable assembly spec 5995-01-490-1651 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3200 imis support 7010-01-484-9509 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSW4035 fan 7050-01-490-1712 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3014 case disk drive uni 7045-01-490-1638 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3039 label kit miscellan 7050-01-490-1705 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU6017 fan assembly 7050-01-501-9965 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU6087 display unit 7025-01-490-4881 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSW4005 chassis electrical 5975-01-490-1630 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3058 slides rack 7050-01-490-1646 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MLN2001 server automatic da 7035-01-484-6740 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSW4028 memory card persona 7025-01-491-0151 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSW4048 display unit 7025-01-484-6718 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU6001 disk drive unit 7025-01-501-9964 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU6086 keyboard data entry 7025-01-490-1682 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-IDK5009 interface unit data 7025-01-490-1679 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3043 nut bar 7050-01-490-1673 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSW4039 element filter 7050-01-490-1714 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3001 disk drive unit 7025-01-490-1614 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-SAK5000 kit system administ 7035-01-506-4337 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSW4029 processor file serv 7025-01-490-1665 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3011 bracket mount cd 7050-01-490-1688 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSW4038 screw machine 5305-01-490-1710 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU7079 transport magnetic 7025-01-504-2797 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-UPS5006 power condition uni 7035-01-484-7597 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-OFF1000 rackmount2u gateway 7050-01-490-1669 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-IDK5008 deployment kit 7035-01-484-9461 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3040 parts kit misc 7050-01-490-1707 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU7080 computer subassembl 7050-01-505-6998 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSW4002 backplane assembly 5998-01-490-4410 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3075 bracket mounting 5340-01-490-1586 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU7078 memory card persona 7025-01-505-6995 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSW4027 memory card persona 7025-01-490-1706 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN MSU3061 cable assembly powe 6150-01-490-6489 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3055 brcket proc retent 7050-01-490-1629 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3081 circuit card assembly 5998-01-490-1570 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3211 hardware kit mechan 5340-01-490-7353 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3062 cable assembly powe 6150-01-490-6496 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU7094 computer subassembl 7050-01-504-2802 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3090 hpcn68m vhdci 6 7050-01-490-1606 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MLN3002 server automatic da 7035-01-484-6742 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSW4009 backplane assembly 5998-01-490-1649 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MLN1301 server automatic da 7035-01-484-6740 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSW4025 computer digital 7021-01-490-1702 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU6085 mouse data entry 7025-01-490-1594 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3021 bezel bottom front 7050-01-490-1689 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU6200 imis support 7010-01-484-9509 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3091 cable assembly spec 5995-01-499-5281 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU6016 cable assembly powe 6150-01-502-4304 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3064 shuttle assembly 7050-01-490-1571 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSW4013 holder electrical c 5998-01-490-1610 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSW4000 computer system dig 7010-01-484-9515 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3037 memory card persona 7025-01-490-1700 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3220 rackmount apc 7050-01-490-1615 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU7081 interface unit data 7025-01-505-7809 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3003 power supply 400u 6130-01-490-1620 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3044 sensor cd pci 7050-01-490-1633 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSW4036 grill fan 7050-01-490-1640 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3048 backplane assembly 5998-01-490-1553 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3086 keyboard data entry 7025-01-490-1671 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3038 memory card persona 7025-01-490-1703 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3065 plate assy shut ej 7050-01-490-1579 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSW4011 disk drive subassem 7025-01-490-1605 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3047 backplane assembly 5998-01-490-1548 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MLN2003 server automatic da 7035-01-484-6743 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3063 cable assembly spec 5995-01-490-1567 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3006 case computer 7045-01-490-1593 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MTK7100 interface unit data 7025-01-484-9510 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MLN3001 server automatic da 7035-01-484-6740 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU6007 battery nonrecharge 6135-01-210-8715 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU7038 computer subassembl 7050-01-505-7005 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSW4049 industrial pc 7587 7050-01-490-1667 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3025 panel control elect 7050-01-490-5904 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3012 case computer 7045-01-490-1627 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3074 memory card persona 7025-01-490-1577 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU3029 backplane assembly 5998-01-490-4998 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSW4014 disk drive unit 7025-01-490-1691 Avl RFQ
ECIMLN-MSU6079 circuit card assembly 5998-01-502-1800 Avl RFQ

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