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Additional Data for CAGE Code 06671

Address :2332 S DELAWARE ST DENVER, CO, 80223-4321 UNITED STATES
Status : R Type : F Woman Owned : N Business Type : N
Business Size : N Primary Business : N CAO Code : S0602A ADP Code : HQ0339

Manufacturer for CAGE Code 06671

Part Number's List for CAGE Code 06671

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Part Number Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
364022-11 clampblock assembly 1560-00-894-8684 Avl RFQ
372659-1 shim shoe adjusting 5365-00-621-3441 Avl RFQ
389885-5 leaf butt hinge 5340-00-786-2366 Avl RFQ
341635-3 nut plain hexagon 5310-00-637-0011 Avl RFQ
65651-11327-102 spacer sleeve 5365-00-011-9924 Avl RFQ
S6135-20419-1 shield gear box 1615-00-065-2640 Avl RFQ
BC357725-1 hook tie down 1730-01-105-8665 Avl RFQ
3-51159-1 valve relief gearbo 1560-00-888-0107 Avl RFQ
11568188 pin straight headle 5315-00-058-0849 Avl RFQ
BC403984-1 pipe towbar 4710-01-248-6848 Avl RFQ
7031752 channel capsule sup 1560-00-924-6664 Avl RFQ
3P21018-101 fitting nose cowl a 1560-00-790-5806 Avl RFQ
F52638-66 tee assembly traile 1740-00-789-8538 Avl RFQ
338694 plug tie down fitti 4730-00-307-9787 Avl RFQ
4N11037-101A bushing hinge suppo 5365-00-586-1755 Avl RFQ
3F32038-101 fitting center troo 1560-00-542-7097 Avl RFQ
4G13007-117A bolt special 5306-00-490-4969 Avl RFQ
4A55054-109A plate retainer duct 1560-00-400-5660 Avl RFQ
375870-1R case assembly pilot 1560-00-670-2110 Avl RFQ
404716-1 sleeve bolt 1730-00-056-0998 Avl RFQ
554887 cover access 5340-00-284-6532 Avl RFQ
3P61000-105 seal 5330-01-034-1652 Avl RFQ
F52260 shield aircraft gro 1730-00-522-1640 Avl RFQ
354727-1 support assembly se 1560-00-628-5500 Avl RFQ
3-40145-1 shaft shouldered 3040-00-956-6423 Avl RFQ
44D9839 brace jack tripod 1730-00-671-3305 Avl RFQ
4F73135-105A support ladder crew 1560-01-008-1557 Avl RFQ
354798-1 adapter tie down ai 1670-00-588-6261 Avl RFQ
3316591-3 washer finishing 5310-01-429-2429 Avl RFQ
66B45247 guard assembly univ 1660-00-484-2604 Avl RFQ
8773907-501 support antenna 5985-00-089-9187 Avl RFQ
3W34072-142 bracket assembly hi 1560-00-402-0958 Avl RFQ
340367-11 lanyard assembly ra 1560-00-793-8514 Avl RFQ
3-50214-507 roller assembly eng 1560-00-408-2683 Avl RFQ
68D211008-2041 washer flat 5310-01-011-9699 Avl RFQ
760885 pin straight headle 5315-00-597-2496 Avl RFQ
4F55185-101A striker conveyor la 1560-00-007-0506 Avl RFQ
3S00009-107 pin warning streame 1730-00-284-2270 Avl RFQ
3F31510-103 guide camspring mal 1560-00-682-5999 Avl RFQ
3W34072-130 bracket assembly hi 1560-00-796-2360 Avl RFQ
2-10836-2 hinge access door 5340-00-768-1059 Avl RFQ
347291-3 shim 5365-00-637-3182 Avl RFQ
68A481027-1003 hanger fairing arre 1680-00-286-0790 Avl RFQ
360906 1 shield assembly uri 1680-00-673-1512 Avl RFQ
69D32460-01 lever petal door la 1560-00-425-8316 Avl RFQ
382980-2 seat aircraft 1680-01-285-2132 Avl RFQ
403762-3 adapter ski nose 1630-01-237-4410 Avl RFQ
F52260-500 shield aircraft gro 1730-00-522-1640 Avl RFQ
4G13773-101A washer flat 5310-00-132-1827 Avl RFQ
878415 cover access 5340-00-284-6532 Avl RFQ
7938035 support taxi light 1560-01-089-9969 Avl RFQ
3G61205-101 pin straight headle 5315-00-058-0849 Avl RFQ
4F55657-101A leaf butt hinge 5340-00-757-8875 Avl RFQ
4G53435-103A pin straight headed 5315-00-136-6170 Avl RFQ
363582-3 spring assy uplock 1560-00-794-1066 Avl RFQ
342855 strap webbing 5340-00-558-2835 Avl RFQ
4P32397-101A funnel assembly cow 1560-00-332-7542 Avl RFQ
3312235-2 seat aircraft 1680-01-285-2132 Avl RFQ
388631-3 connector hose bulk 4730-01-023-8808 Avl RFQ
4S81052-101B bracket pivot sling 5342-00-007-3402 Avl RFQ
374964-1 container cargo net 1560-00-670-6821 Avl RFQ
4G14507-101A retainer retract ar 5342-00-047-6257 Avl RFQ
26-370-4752-3 bracket angle 5340-01-039-3864 Avl RFQ
374964-1L container cargo net 1560-00-670-6821 Avl RFQ
343762-3 filter honeycomb 4330-00-536-4405 Avl RFQ
4F72170-105A bumper 5340-00-008-2313 Avl RFQ
547963 cap gasket and spri 1610-00-717-7243 Avl RFQ
SS8798 spacer sleeve 5365-00-011-9924 Avl RFQ
341242-2 strip trailing edge 1560-00-924-3431 Avl RFQ
LS35022D1S10 stud 5325-00-039-0368 Avl RFQ
341242-2L strip trailing edge 1560-00-924-3431 Avl RFQ
3W24966-113 stop spoiler 1560-00-738-9728 Avl RFQ
3F42122-101 channel capsule sup 1560-00-924-6664 Avl RFQ
3314775-3 knob 5355-01-059-2026 Avl RFQ
355931-1 guard static line 1730-01-104-3197 Avl RFQ
LS35090T08F0426 rod straight headle 5340-00-469-5565 Avl RFQ
375870-1L case assembly pilot 1560-00-670-2123 Avl RFQ
65207-10028-104 key escape hatch as 1560-00-876-5291 Avl RFQ
363797-1 shield urinal overb 1560-00-654-8327 Avl RFQ
4G13158 101A nut plain round 5310-00-890-3806 Avl RFQ
4F55158-101A tab roller conveyor 1560-00-148-4077 Avl RFQ
3-98762 bearing sleeve 3120-00-662-7221 Avl RFQ
3P33547-101 boot assy pneumatic 1560-00-428-2246 Avl RFQ
346681 setscrew 5305-00-304-9718 Avl RFQ
3E42251-101 cover intercostal 1560-00-202-5453 Avl RFQ
3S0009-107 pin warning streame 1730-00-284-2270 Avl RFQ
3F30104-127 stop door side 1560-00-077-0179 Avl RFQ
212-040-457-001 spacer assembly spl 1615-00-439-5598 Avl RFQ
65302 12544 101 connecting link rig 3040-00-827-4526 Avl RFQ
4F69223-101A washer flat 5310-01-281-3835 Avl RFQ
343762-4 filter honeycomb 4330-00-536-4406 Avl RFQ
4G53467-101A adapter switch actu 5930-00-165-4292 Avl RFQ
351235 plunger main landin 1730-00-674-0012 Avl RFQ
380238-1 bolt shoulder 5306-00-476-1478 Avl RFQ
3W23339-101 door assembly spoin 1560-00-573-6678 Avl RFQ
350587-1 bushing sleeve 3120-01-111-1099 Avl RFQ
SS9210 spacer sleeve 5365-00-011-9924 Avl RFQ
3F31880-101 shaft panel control 1560-00-679-6546 Avl RFQ
4N11041-105A strut static line r 1560-00-889-9354 Avl RFQ
3303524-1 fitting snubber 1560-00-622-8068 Avl RFQ

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