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Additional Data for CAGE Code 02KE8

Address :180 ELM ST STE 201 WALTHAM, MA, 02453-5368 UNITED STATES
Status : A Type : A Woman Owned : Y Business Type : I
Business Size : A Primary Business : J CAO Code : S2206A ADP Code : HQ0337

Manufacturer for CAGE Code 02KE8

Part Number's List for CAGE Code 02KE8

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Part Number Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
21-4550-20 power supply 6130-01-089-9646 Avl RFQ
HY-519-27 nut plain spline 5310-01-165-1304 Avl RFQ
6064 23006G3 circuit card assembly 5998-01-041-8256 Avl RFQ
HY375-5000-1 reactor 5950-01-225-1179 Avl RFQ
347187-3 power supply 6130-01-472-3332 Avl RFQ
4550-39930G1 power supply subass 6130-01-084-9472 Avl RFQ
5500-23607G1 circuit card assembly 5998-01-223-0709 Avl RFQ
4216-30101G3 circuit card assembly 5998-00-491-8580 Avl RFQ
HY-292-7126-2 transformer power 5950-01-188-6229 Avl RFQ
HY364-3G1 network voltage ref 5915-00-180-3978 Avl RFQ
5000-23006G1 printed wiring boar 5998-01-225-8829 Avl RFQ
HY526-1 strap tiedown elect 5975-00-176-4651 Avl RFQ
5049-156 reactor 5950-01-225-1181 Avl RFQ
HY363-10 filter radio freque 5915-00-243-9589 Avl RFQ
HY-4452-7 power supply 6130-01-229-5288 Avl RFQ
HY283-11G2 jack tip 5935-00-852-2298 Avl RFQ
4550-40401 power supply 6120-00-008-6736 Avl RFQ
HY513-77 nut plain hexagon 5310-00-571-9647 Avl RFQ
HY292-4550-39 transformer 5950-01-090-3571 Avl RFQ
230696-001 heat sink electrica 5999-01-212-5425 Avl RFQ
HY-292-5975-10 transformer power 5950-01-092-0885 Avl RFQ
HY-523-1G1 heat sink electrica 5999-00-983-5461 Avl RFQ
HY-233-5G201 semiconductor devic 5961-01-129-9747 Avl RFQ
4216-30101G4 circuit card assembly 5998-00-491-8582 Avl RFQ
HY292-5978-5 transformer power 5950-01-252-3716 Avl RFQ
5500-21005G1 circuit card assembly 5998-01-223-0706 Avl RFQ
4550 And 41601 power supply 6130-01-003-7340 Avl RFQ
SM-A-836666 transformer power 5950-01-092-2737 Avl RFQ
4950-10113 insulator plate 5970-01-214-3480 Avl RFQ
8740-30102 circuit card assembly 5998-01-385-0936 Avl RFQ
H9955-LS-2-RG handle bail 5340-01-112-7037 Avl RFQ
HY226-9G241 fuse cartridge 5920-00-296-3317 Avl RFQ
942-4002G2 circuit card assembly 5998-00-255-2595 Avl RFQ
4550-39928G1 power supply subass 6130-01-085-2461 Avl RFQ
HY292-10B transformer power 5950-00-683-3797 Avl RFQ
8740-23007G5 circuit card assembly 5998-01-385-0988 Avl RFQ
154292 transformer power 5950-01-053-1980 Avl RFQ
6064-10115-1 terminal board 5940-01-043-0590 Avl RFQ
8740-30101 circuit card assembly 5998-01-385-1012 Avl RFQ
HY-4576-1 power supply 6130-00-175-4814 Avl RFQ
6064-23007G1 circuit card assembly 5998-01-041-5908 Avl RFQ
HY292-3964-3 transformer power 5950-00-318-6297 Avl RFQ
HY292 4550 8 transformer power 5950-00-621-3557 Avl RFQ
4550-42601 power supply 6130-00-922-1237 Avl RFQ
HY-224-9 circuit breaker 5925-01-076-0897 Avl RFQ
6064-40101 power supply 6130-01-042-8160 Avl RFQ
6064-23007G3 circuit card assembly 5998-01-041-5910 Avl RFQ
5530-B-4-7 standoff threaded s 5340-01-163-8493 Avl RFQ
HY233-5G682 semiconductor devic 5961-01-115-8797 Avl RFQ
10608 reactor 5950-01-074-2170 Avl RFQ
HY292-5000-1 transformer power 5950-01-225-1220 Avl RFQ
HY292 5500 8 transformer 5950-01-114-1181 Avl RFQ
4550-39908G1 power supply subass 6130-00-774-3227 Avl RFQ
602D282G020AA2A capacitor fixed ele 5910-00-180-3961 Avl RFQ
5000-23003 circuit card assembly 5998-01-079-0557 Avl RFQ
306301-000 transformer power 5950-01-215-3971 Avl RFQ
4550-39911G2 circuit card assembly 5998-01-127-1771 Avl RFQ
6064-23007G2 circuit card assembly 5998-01-041-5909 Avl RFQ
42989 transformer power 5950-01-092-2737 Avl RFQ
HY-664-2G1 reference assembly 5999-01-050-9309 Avl RFQ
HY-521-8 nut self locking cl 5310-00-753-7104 Avl RFQ
4550-41401 power supply 6130-00-404-9604 Avl RFQ
HY292-3800-6 transformer power 5950-00-238-4811 Avl RFQ
D5W2527 oscillator noncryst 5955-00-022-2887 Avl RFQ
0180-0464 capacitor fixed ele 5910-00-180-3959 Avl RFQ
3800-30303G1 circuit card assembly 5998-00-232-4947 Avl RFQ
HY513-107 standoff threaded s 5340-00-571-9671 Avl RFQ
3800-30402G1 circuit card assembly 5998-00-232-4950 Avl RFQ
4550-11615 heat sink electrica 5999-01-134-6401 Avl RFQ
4595-23004G2 circuit card assembly 5998-00-185-4615 Avl RFQ
500-40340S1A circuit card assembly 5998-00-114-0571 Avl RFQ
HY-280-214 resistor fixed wire 5905-01-092-9244 Avl RFQ
4550-29923 printed wiring boar 5998-01-332-2301 Avl RFQ
RCA61822 transistor 5961-00-196-7241 Avl RFQ
5496-B-4-7 standoff threaded s 5340-01-164-6551 Avl RFQ
4595-23002G3 circuit card assembly 5998-00-185-4737 Avl RFQ
4550 11618 heat sink electrica 5999-01-134-6402 Avl RFQ
4550-39933G2 circuit card assembly 5999-01-125-3901 Avl RFQ
CTP462 semiconductor devic 5961-00-794-2212 Avl RFQ
HY235-44G9 capacitor fixed ele 5910-00-767-1271 Avl RFQ
HY512-8 standoff threaded s 5340-00-008-2200 Avl RFQ
HY386-40 transistor 5961-00-196-7241 Avl RFQ
914123164-001 terminal lug 5940-00-258-2120 Avl RFQ
PP7506C G power supply assemb 6130-01-440-7737 Avl RFQ
HY292-2200-1 transformer power 5950-00-175-8724 Avl RFQ
602D502G010AAZA capacitor fixed ele 5910-00-180-3959 Avl RFQ
HY 292 7126 1 transformer power 5950-01-215-3971 Avl RFQ
3079-30109 circuit card assembly 5998-00-926-3265 Avl RFQ
3800-30801G2 circuit card assembly 5998-00-146-0251 Avl RFQ
6064 23003G1 circuit card assembly 5998-01-040-7043 Avl RFQ
HY5500-4 power supply 6130-01-018-1232 Avl RFQ
4950-10014 filter radio freque 5915-00-482-8474 Avl RFQ
HY-537-2 nut plain cap 5310-01-112-8701 Avl RFQ
HY-6670-1 power supply 6130-01-069-3290 Avl RFQ
HY-292-5500-1 transformer 5950-01-114-1179 Avl RFQ
3800-30702G2 regulator voltage 6110-00-689-1625 Avl RFQ
HY5308-1 power supply 6130-01-118-5587 Avl RFQ
5978-40401G1 power supply 6130-01-066-5072 Avl RFQ
HY235-27 capacitor fixed ele 5910-00-902-4057 Avl RFQ
HY-363-18 filter radio freque 5915-01-147-8959 Avl RFQ

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