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Additional Data for CAGE Code 01137

Address :4305 20TH AVE LONG ISLAND CITY, NY, 11105-1295 UNITED STATES
Status : A Type : A Woman Owned : N Business Type : N
Business Size : A Primary Business : J CAO Code : S3309A ADP Code : HQ0337

Manufacturer for CAGE Code 01137

Part Number's List for CAGE Code 01137

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Part Number Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
L038A switch electrical 5930-01-123-9344 Avl RFQ
X032A seal 5330-00-172-6452 Avl RFQ
505799 bracket oil cooler 5342-00-915-9509 Avl RFQ
00105 gasket 5330-01-558-9643 Avl RFQ
CATALOG CUT NO 14205 ITEM 36 pin lock 5315-01-548-9113 Avl RFQ
CATALOG CUT NO 14205 ITEM 62 switch push 5930-01-549-7939 Avl RFQ
M039A grommet nonmetallic 5325-01-170-8739 Avl RFQ
E004A spray head 7330-01-171-4627 Avl RFQ
L018A relay electromagnet 5945-00-134-8496 Avl RFQ
H121A tube solenoid coffe 4710-01-181-7126 Avl RFQ
M125A knob 5355-01-183-9203 Avl RFQ
L229C switch push 5930-01-549-7916 Avl RFQ
280901 switch thermostatic 5930-00-760-1452 Avl RFQ
L018G relay electromagnet 5945-00-134-8496 Avl RFQ
KK2293113 switch pressure 5930-01-172-6365 Avl RFQ
KK2403421 fuseholder block 5920-01-181-6491 Avl RFQ
00386 beverage auger 7310-01-558-6774 Avl RFQ
CD257 valve solenoid 4810-01-515-3037 Avl RFQ
4034224 ring externally thr 5365-00-377-4059 Avl RFQ
152683 o ring 5331-00-444-3674 Avl RFQ
NHT 2 UL dispenser beverage 7310-01-558-6792 Avl RFQ
L052A switch electrical 5930-00-175-3957 Avl RFQ
612065 air seal turbine 2840-00-252-7399 Avl RFQ
CATALOG CUT NO 14205 ITEM 15 switch sensitive 5930-01-549-7886 Avl RFQ
266284 tee tube to boss 4730-00-203-4539 Avl RFQ
505798 bracket oil cooler 5342-00-915-9509 Avl RFQ
L011A solenoid electrical 5945-01-169-0879 Avl RFQ
FE100A urn coffee twin 7310-00-443-8657 Avl RFQ
65111315 switch push 5930-01-136-2654 Avl RFQ
G013T heating element ele 4540-00-102-0837 Avl RFQ
G128A heating element ele 4520-01-175-1017 Avl RFQ
KK2293118 switch thermostatic 5930-01-172-9737 Avl RFQ
C100F light indicator 6210-01-261-9702 Avl RFQ
L467A valve check 4820-01-525-6264 Avl RFQ
E000A pump water coffee u 4320-01-181-0177 Avl RFQ
CF29A transformer power 5950-01-525-3922 Avl RFQ
56-033 switch toggle 5930-01-155-6169 Avl RFQ
265516 elbow tube to boss 4730-00-601-0063 Avl RFQ
419247 elbow tube to hose 4730-00-804-5632 Avl RFQ
52037 motor alternating c 6105-01-549-0416 Avl RFQ
G000A heating element ele 4520-01-020-5939 Avl RFQ
4009664 bushing sleeve 3120-00-356-5751 Avl RFQ
L292E switch toggle 5930-01-285-6526 Avl RFQ
L130A switch toggle 5930-01-264-0120 Avl RFQ
L580A switch toggle 5930-01-515-6703 Avl RFQ
X035A gasket 5330-00-172-4183 Avl RFQ
G031A heating element ele 4520-01-181-0020 Avl RFQ
FE100N urn coffee twin 7310-01-568-9719 Avl RFQ
65111325 gasket 5330-01-178-1802 Avl RFQ
B016A terminal board 5940-01-169-2766 Avl RFQ
65111327 heater water steam 4410-01-190-3418 Avl RFQ
453331 rivet tubular 5320-00-526-2533 Avl RFQ
KK2293104 grommet nonmetallic 5325-01-170-8739 Avl RFQ
4016907 pin shoulder headle 5315-00-369-5842 Avl RFQ
433880 bracket assy contro 2840-00-860-1114 Avl RFQ
655511 connecting link rig 3040-00-477-9014 Avl RFQ
L069A switch toggle 5930-01-188-2322 Avl RFQ
H150V tubing assembly non 4720-01-291-5780 Avl RFQ
G015A heating element ele 4520-01-178-4502 Avl RFQ
G194A heating element ele 4520-01-238-1351 Avl RFQ
00101 o ring 5331-01-558-9640 Avl RFQ
2638839 grommet nonmetallic 5325-01-193-4486 Avl RFQ
H1490 tubing assembly non 4720-01-291-5781 Avl RFQ
FE-100-ELECTRIC urn coffee twin 7310-01-522-6756 Avl RFQ
L235A switch thermostatic 5930-00-760-1452 Avl RFQ
L271A valve solenoid 4810-01-238-4059 Avl RFQ
L292A switch toggle 5930-01-285-6526 Avl RFQ
40692 mixer liquid revolv 4940-01-548-6079 Avl RFQ
446166 connector multiple 4730-00-325-0131 Avl RFQ
G000Q heating element ele 4520-01-020-5939 Avl RFQ
M018A gasket 5330-01-173-9450 Avl RFQ
L557A resistor voltage se 5905-01-525-9777 Avl RFQ
L266A switch thermostatic 5930-01-173-7175 Avl RFQ
567497 seat helical compre 5340-00-963-9507 Avl RFQ
L012A switch electrical 5930-00-153-8421 Avl RFQ
440720 tee tube 4730-01-164-0340 Avl RFQ
D046A faucet assy coffee 7310-01-515-7568 Avl RFQ
G197E heating element ele 4520-01-291-5797 Avl RFQ
434133 elbow flange to tub 4730-00-808-3124 Avl RFQ
V001A funnel brewing coff 7310-01-237-8868 Avl RFQ
80235 valve solenoid 4810-01-515-3037 Avl RFQ
L022A valve solenoid 4810-01-211-4928 Avl RFQ
L319A switch thermostatic 5930-01-609-6325 Avl RFQ
540449 bracket fuel contro 5342-00-771-1501 Avl RFQ
4001885 ring externally thr 5365-00-415-4864 Avl RFQ
C119C light indicator 6210-01-548-9962 Avl RFQ
EL 2436 380 50 3 griddle self heatin 7310-01-035-7330 Avl RFQ
L224A switch thermostatic 5930-01-172-9737 Avl RFQ
87-002 heating element ele 4520-01-142-8416 Avl RFQ
X034A washer solenoid flo 5310-01-161-6802 Avl RFQ
X008A coil electrical 5950-00-153-8424 Avl RFQ
L455A switch push 5930-01-525-6371 Avl RFQ
CD175 motor alternating c 6105-01-525-4516 Avl RFQ
C076F light indicator 6210-01-261-9701 Avl RFQ
253850 cover diffuser case 2840-00-333-4414 Avl RFQ
614569 bracket mounting 5340-00-252-7469 Avl RFQ
00130 junction box 5975-01-558-8158 Avl RFQ
235535 nipple tube 4730-00-202-7528 Avl RFQ
4062517 bracket angle 5340-01-276-9687 Avl RFQ
CATALOG CUT NO 14205 ITEM 42 adjustable auger 3040-01-548-6093 Avl RFQ

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